give a boy a camera....

And this is the series of 148 pictures that he takes!



Continually adding to The Lists, for anyone interested ;)


a toddler's prayer

Potty learning has begun in the Scatliff house. We've been averaging about one pee in the potty a day for at least a week now and Jonathan is sort of starting to figure things out. Although a faaaaaaaar cry from being trained, we are at least heading in that direction. Or at least we are this week. 

Tonight he was getting disappointed as he sat on his pot before bath time. He really wanted to go and just kept asking for a few more minutes. We had read stories, counted, sang the alphabet... So I asked him if he wanted to ask God to help him pee on the potty. He thought that was a brilliant idea and this is what he prayed:

Dear God. Please help JayJay peepee on the potty. And thank you for mommy and thank you  for daddy. And for Daddy's coffee... The coffee with the chocolate sprinkles on top. 



the lists

Back by popular demand, The Lists for the upcoming holidays...

What Jonathan would love:

  • Puzzles. This kid rocks at puzzles! He's doing 16 piece floor puzzles on his own and can even handle up to 42 piece puzzles with a bit of guidance. 
  • These types of felt puzzles are super cool for the diaper bag and would be great for a crafty looking for a DIY gift!
  • Books. Especially learning and interactive books (counting, colours, eye-spy, find-the-whatevers, lift-the-flap, etc). I know he'd love something like this (this kid lives for Thomas stuff) and I'd love that it's compact and portable for traveling :) 
  • A train set expansion pack (especially if it included a turntable!) would make his year. This kid lives for trains and making tracks. The expansion kit does not need to be name brand, just Brio compatible. A set like this would thriiiiiiill him. I'd check Ebay, Kijiji and the like for good deals. He'd also be ecstatic to receive a Tidmouth Sheds (round house train shed), or the train characters Annie and Clarabel or Bash, Dash and Ferdinand, however these trains are quite expensive, so pre-loved is definitely the way to go. 
  • Like most 2 year olds, stickers are fascinating. These reusable sticker books by the fabulous Melissa and Doug would be a great gift. 
  • Clothes. Who doesn't need clothes? Jay currently fits 2T quite well, but will be into 3T soon enough. 
  • A more personal and very fun gift from a Manitoban family member would be a 'coupon' to a morning of fun with them at the Children's Museum at the Forks. We visited the museum with him last July and he loved it. I can only imagine how much more enjoyable it will be during the winter months in Manitoba and what a great bonding experience it would be for someone wanting to spend some time with him while we are in town :) 

What Matthew could use:
  • Clothes! Yes, he has an older brother so he does have access to hand-me-downs... But it just so happens that his brother was born at the exact opposite side of the calendar year. So when his brother was 4 months he was sporting itty bitty baby shorts in June... Whereas Matthew will be 4 months in February... Living in Winnipeg... See the problem? 
  • On the same train of thought... This kid needs a size 6 months snow suit for the carseat (non-puffy and good for under a car seat cover). I've heard great reviews about this one from MEC. 
  • A thermometer. We totally need a new baby/infant thermometer (not picky on what kind or anything) 

A few things Tom would love:

  • Teensy 3.0. If you're techie, you'd probably know what this means. Thankfully (for the rest of us) he gave me this link to a store in Winnipeg that sells them for $31. Good luck. 
  • He says he'd also be thrilled with this external hard drive from BestBuy
  • He thought these steak thermometers for the BBQ were super cool. (A set of 4, perhaps?)
  • Windows 8 This is something I'd ask Uncle Ray about purchasing ;) 
  • Clothes. Lord willing this guy will continue to have meetings with pastors, be in front of congregations, and speaking at churches... Nice sweaters and dress shirts are always a great choice. He usually has great luck for fit at Mark's Work Wearhouse. I know he'd like something like this in beige or this one in dark grey 

A few things I'd love:

  • Starbucks gift card (my personal treat!)
  • Honey Bee tea from David's tea (pretty much anything from David's tea is awesome, but I tried this particular tea at a friend's house and it's just lovely!)
  • Gizmos for he kitchen: A funnel (I kid you not!), a meatloaf pan with removable drip tray (seriously, I'm not kidding!), I'm also in desperate need of a new baking set (cookie tray, muffin pan, etc). I'd also really like these appetizer plates from Epicure 
  • Clothes. I'm in dire need of clothes too! A gift cert to Thyme would be awesome to put towards a few new nursing tops :)
  • New boots! I LOVE my brown fun (not winter) boots, but they are done. So done the shoe repair guy told me to not bother, but buy new ones. And I'd love some new ones! Grey or brown, size 8, minimal heel (I'm tall enough already). A gift cert would work really well for this... Or a surprise :) 
  • Baby wearing insert for my winter jacket! A gift for both Matthew and I!  These are super awesome, but expensive - Anyone have sewing skills? I'm sure I can find a DIY for us ;)



Matthew Adrian Scatliff!!!

Arrived at 8:15am :) A beautiful redeeming birth. The woman's body is incredible.


fall family photo shoot

Received a sneak peak today from our fall family photo shoot!! It's just a low-quality place taker for now... More to come soon!! Very excited for them :)


frugal on a friday

It ain't a secret that I'm cheap. Or, ermmm....  Frugal, I should say. Paying retail for just about anything drives me nuts, as I know there are so many ways around it.  My goal is usually 50% retail, but I still get a kick out of anything less than 75%. My latest endeavor? Arbonne.

I told ya I went to an Arbonne party last week and thought there stuff was just amazing. I'm in dire need of new makeup (teenager-ish pink sparkles from Le Bodyshop probably shouldn't be my look for much longer) but Arbonne prices are just nuts. Plus, the consultant at the party last week didn't have much of the cosmetic line and I was simply unwilling to invest in guess-from-a-catalogue decisions. So I went home on a mission: To get the stuff, but at a better price and try the colour-specific items before committing. And with how often I wear makeup (maaaaaybe once a week) this will last like a decade.

Well, well, well... Wadddaknow? Within a few day I found a lady on Kijiji that was selling off her Arbonne products at liquidation prices because she was no longer a consultant. Snagged me some full, unopened, unused items at 45% of retail. Not bad, eh? But I still had the colour-specific stuff to grab (example: grabbed a mascara at 45% retail, but unwilling to risk picking the wrong foundation)... So I put out an ad for an Arbonne consultant with the full make-up kit and knowledge to contact me if she was willing to come over an evening this week to do a one-on-one. I said straight up I wasn't interested in hosting a party or becoming a consultant or whatever... I just need your cosmetic kit and your skills to come to my kitchen, sit with a cup of tea and teach me how to put what where. And be okay with me only buying a few items.

The number of responses was overwhelming!

So tonight I sat with a wonderful mother of 8, who was also totally up for missing bed-time duty, had a cup of tea and learned how to put on my face like a big girl. There were sales and discount and a free item (there usually are, right?) and I snagged my colour-specific stuff at 70% retail.



Why the midwives?

When we found our we were expecting this time around, I shuttered at the thought of an OB/GYN. I dreamed of having a midwife, but they are few and far between and hard to get in with. Thankfully we found out about this pregnancy FREAKISHLY early and were able to snag a spot at the awesome community health Birthing Center just a few minutes up the road from us. Booya!

So far my experience with my midwife has been nothing less than awesome. She's caring, thoughtful, and is very much into empowerment of women to do what they were designed to do. Verbal informed consent is obtained before they do anything.  And it's down-right awesome that someone answers their pager at 5:14am with a voice of concern, not annoyance. A far cry from the 'don't ask me any questions' OB we had last time.

As we approach labour and birth, I'm excited. I feel empowered and that we've done all we can do give a natural, normal birth the fairest chance possible. I want to 'own it' this time. No interventions, no scheduling, no pitocin... I want labour to start as it naturally should and progress from there on its own.  I know things may not pan out as I plan, but at the very least, its got the best shot possible for happening and for that I am truly thankful.


Oh darn, I didn't finish.. Let's talk trick or treating instead

Okay, so my Why the Midwives isn't ready yet. Until that piece of work is ready I've got a question for ya (you're welcome, Tiffany).

What's your thoughts on trick-or-treating?

I was at a mom's night out the other night and this topic came up. I was amazed at some people's take... Or maybe more so that I haven't given this much thought at all yet. Opinions ranged from "It's a great way to introduce the kids to the neighbours" to  "I don't partake in activities that encourage my children to think it's okay to accept candy from strangers."

Both very legit opinions that I can understand. Most were. Except this one:

"We go trick or treating for the fun of the event. But I tell my children that's the fun part. For them, as able-bodied children they get the gift of collecting the candy... But they candy will go to a child less fortunate. A child in the hospital that can't physically go trick or treating. Their treats will be the candy, while yours is the collection."

She like the balance. Not a lot of sweets for her precious-es and it's teaching good morals.
Sounds fabulous, right?

Except there is no sick kid. Her and husband eat it and the rest is tossed. I'm sorry, what? I can't even begin to comprehend the morals behind that... And she didn't understand why the rest of us weren't impressed with her balance...

Also, do many people take the 'collect and toss' route? If so, I'm sorry, but what a waste of money! Maybe I'm just cheap, but why obligate neighbours to buy things for your children to collect if you're going to just throw it out afterwards?


Why not an OB/GYN?

Originally titled 'Why the Midwives?' but the post became far longer than anyone would be willing to read... So I broke it into two posts.

Today, part I: Why not an OB/GYN
Tomorrow, part II: Why the Midwives


Oh! Wait. Warning... I talk about pregnancy and childbirth, so if you are, say, my brother in law, I'm not sure this series is for you :P


When we found out we were expecting with Jonathan we were in Ecuador. Using Skype and a shaky internet connection I was able to phone an obstetrics office in Montreal near where we were planning on moving back to. I was *thrilled* that I got in with an OB/GYN. With modern medicine as advanced as it is, it was the best possible hands we could be in, right?

We were less than impressed with our first visit. After finally returning to Montreal and *finally* getting to go to our first pre-natal appointment, we were surprised at how rushed, routine, and un-special we were. A waiting room full of women, pushed through the routine one after another. When we finally got into the doctors's office and she came in, she never sat down. Keeping her hands on the door she handed us a pile of brochures and said "Please don't ask me any questions. The answers are probably in there. Book again for 5 weeks from now." And left.

That was our introduction to the medical system and pregnancy. And things just continued on par with that until delivery. Routine, un-personal appointments and very unwelcoming to questions (Who do you think you are, asking questions? She's the expert, your just the vessel).

With Jonathan I had oliogohydramnios (low amniotic fluid levels) which added stress to the end of the pregnancy. The baby needs a certain amount of amniotic fluid to be considered safe. In the final weeks leading up to delivery, we were undergoing ultrasounds and non-stress tests to see how baby was doing and how much fluid was left (as it naturally declines as due date approaches). Eventually the fluid level went under the 'critical threshold' and I was admitted for an induction. Based on an OB consult, maternity ward staffing levels, and scheduling - voila. Baby time. The decision was made for us and we, naive and oblivious, happily went along with it. The stress of 'is baby okay?' was going to be over. The unknowns answered, and baby's arrival would be soon.

I was given cervadil that afternoon to start the process and ripped my nethers and kept it in until the next morning. They then started a pitocin (synthetic oxytocin) drip shortly after 8:00am to quicken things along and, as a 'favour' broke my water right after that so 'I didn't have to be labouring all day'. Between those three interventions in such a short period of time, my body was thrown directly into fast and furious labour. Contractions started at 3 mins apart, lasting for a minute. My body progressed rapidly but my mind wasn't able to keep up. I thought we were in for a 12+ hour day, with most inductions failing the first try. I wasn't sure how I was going to keep coping for another 12 hours or so. The nurse kept suggestions an epidural. Pushing it, even. Because 'the anaesthetist can't just some on a whim, he needs warning so you need to consider if you'll need one later'. I figured she knew better than I did about what was going to happen... So I complied with her wishes for me to have one.

Everything happened so fast. By the time I got out of the tub, the anaesthetist was there (with his student) and there was no time to check me for progress before a stab in the back, which was just so important to everyone else in the room. After things were all set up, the nurse finally checked me. Well, waddaknow, I was near 10. Already transitioned on my own and pushing was next. But of course we needed to wait until the doctor was ready.

With shouts and jokes of breaking records (it was almost 11:00am now.. just under 3 hours of labour) and a comment of 'of course she'll need an episiotomy, it's her first' Jonathan was born after being shouted at to 'PUSH! Don't grunt, do this, not that..." and a slice at the doctor's discretion. While I lay flat on my back in the most unnatural position for the labouring woman (but most convenient for the doctor).

After Jonathan was born the flurry began to die down, and my epidural started to really take effect. I fell on the nurse trying to transfer to a wheelchair to be taken to the postpartum ward. No one helped with breastfeeding, I was lost as to what I was 'supposed' to be doing with my baby. They had other patients to attend to.

The following night wasn't much better with a formula pushing nurse and little breastfeeding support. I was told that I wasn't making enough milk... Through my tears of frustration I responded with "It's only been a few HOURS!, I'm not supposed to have milk yet!"

Although I'm thankful for hospitals and available, affordable health care... I can't say I was impressed with having an OB/GYN nor the hospital birthing experience itself. I suppose it all depends on scheduling, which nurse you have, and your personal perspective, but let's be honest: Decisions are made based on scheduling, what's most convenient for everyone involved, and standards of practice. The 'magic' of the birthing experience is lost, becoming just another momma-baby duo that they push through the system. The nurse I had doesn't' remember the birth of Jonathan. It simply didn't mean a whole lot to her nor the OB that was paid to catch him. He was just another baby, and I, another labouring woman.  But that event and day will forever be engrained in my mind and it is the only birth that Jonathan and I get.



Six amazing years with my amazing husband. Happy anniversary babe!!


more pregnant than ever

Today marks a very special day. Today, at 39 weeks exactly, I was induced with Jonathan. He was already in our arms at 11:16am this morning. Hence, I've never been *this* pregnant before :)

We are now in unchartered waters people... Because I was induced, there's really no knowing when I would have 'gone' on my own with Jonathan. This time I'm excited and VERY determined to go naturally. Passing this day is a big deal to me... Completely trusting in my body to know what to do and when is very liberating (and quite exciting!). We are in it 'til the bitter end people... I apologize in advance for all the moaning and groaning I may be doing around here in the next few weeks. Anyone want to take a guess as to when? With a midwife I can go to 40weeks+14days until we must consult an AB/GYN (who will always say induce, immediately). So last possible date is November 11th.


friday night facials and a finale

My just-as-preggo neighbour (due the same day) had an Arbonne party tonight complete with full facials and lovely snacks. It was a wonderful break from the aches and pains that is my life right now. But that's all par for the course I suppose. I just wish the products weren't so crazy expensive. Wow. 

Today was probably my last day baby-sitting. Over the summer and through the fall Jonathan and I have been helping my friend with her baby (9 months now, but only 5 when we started). It was great to get Jonathan exposure to a baby under my care, and kind of a practice for me to balance two (I know, it will be totally different when they are both mine, but still). Today we even managed to coordinate naps for all THREE of us. Booya.


Thursday mornings are BSF

For the past year, I've been attending a women's bible study at a near by church on Thursday mornings. It's an international study and extremely popular (there's over 100 ladies in attendance at the one I go to). Bible Study Fellowship, or better known as 'BSF', is a great, well researched biblical study that uses a lecture and small-group discussion format. They also have a phenomenal program for children. While I'm learning with the adults, Jonathan is learning the same principles in his classroom of toddlers. The program and study has been great for us both. Not only do I get a few hours of adult time during a weekday, he gets great socialization with kids his age supervised by qualified and screened instructors. And let's not forget that we are both in The Word during this time. Triple win. 

As I left the study this morning I couldn't help but wonder if we just attended our last week...


Wednesday Mom & Tots group

About a year ago a friend and I at church started a 'Moms and Tots group', thinking it would be great to get to know other moms with young ones in the congregation. Over the past year the group has morphed so much, and I absolutely love it. What started out as just the two of us and our kiddos meeting in the church basement every Wednesday morning (hoping someone else would eventually join us) has turned into a group of 20+ ladies and their children from all over the West Island of Montreal. Not all are regular attenders, we're usually about 8 moms or so with a mess of kids each week.

We've gone on outings (Quinn farm, local park, pet store, petting zoo), but mainly meet in people's homes, sharing the responsibility of bringing snacks for everyone and the burden of tidying before/after a crowd's arrival.

I've learned over the past year that there are many, many of us at home with kiddos in search of community. A place where our struggles, desires, and daily events are similar to those around us. (Makes the insanity feel normal, I guess?) And it is incredibly important to have a place to ask for help, and a place where we can be of help to others - with both aspects being equally important.

I also can't help but notice that, although one year of parental leave is fabulous compared to many countries, it's still pretty short. Especially when kids require 'integration' into the childcare system prior to mom returning to work at the end of the year. Aside from, like, 3 of us moms, the rest are moms of wee ones. We should really change the name to Moms and Babies (with a few random toddlers throw in for good measure and some violence). Watching others go down a path my family didn't choose has reaffirmed our choice in me staying home with the boy(s). I know its not for everyone, but it's been the right choice for us and am confirmed in that choice almost every week.

Not really sure where I'm going with this... I guess it's just my thoughts driving home after play group this morning and contemplating life with wee ones and how everyone's reality is different, yet we all yearn to fit in somewhere.


Carrots and potatoes and onions - Oh My!

So I've been gettin' crafty at cutting the budget over the past while. Not only are we gearing up to live off of parental leave (55% salary) for a few months, but following that, living on a missionary salary. I take joy in finding where we can cut the budget and, for the time being, stuffing the 'extra' away.

A few friends of mine are into couponing, with one of them being an extreme coupon-er. Although I don't think I'll ever reach 'extreme' in this department, I sure have learned to browse flyers, use coupons wherever possible, and watch for traps.

My favourite coupons are the ones you order online and they snail mail them to you. I love getting mail! Even if it is just coupons. Plus, I'm hesitant to start using up expensive computer ink trying to save money.  If you're curious as to where you can go online to get free coupons in the mail, here's my favourite two sites:


I've used a pseudo name for myself on those sites to see how much junk mail I'd get because of them (knowing anything else that came in under that name was from a 'sale' of my information... Surprisingly, I haven't received anything yet and it's been a few months).

For us, coupons have made purchasing name-brand high end stuff the cost of no name, which is great because sometimes the brands just work better.  For example - We don't have a fancy dishwasher and, as such, cheap detergent often leads to re-washing or hand washing, and just pure frustration. I was running pre-rinses and post rinses and all sorts of anti-green things to try and save my sanity using average detergent. Then came coupons for Cascade Platinum pucks. These puppies are expensive. Not only does the bag cost more, but it actually has fewer in it (18) compared to the other Cascade bags (24), which means they cost way more per load. With coupons in hand, I take note when these pucks are on sale at a local grocer and stock up. Surprisingly, they are often on sale at Provigo. Between the coupons and the discount price, they are about the same price as the no name detergent but work A HECK of a lot better. Less water use, less frustration, far more sanity. I love it. Plus it makes me feel smart.

Aside from couponing, I now watch the flyers and plan meals accordingly. Circling, cutting, note taking... Yes, we now need to go to a few different stores for food (which I always kind of thought negated any kind of savings) but we don't go out of our way to do it. Sale prices are good for the week (Thurs-Wed), so there's usually some time during the week that we are already going by each. And if not, we skip it. No big deal.

This week's specials? Carrots, potatoes and onions were on mega sale at Super C. Maybe this won't excite any of you, but I was THRILLED with 10 pounds of potatoes for $1.79, 10 pounds of onions for $2.98, and 10 pounds of carrots for $2.98. People, that's 30 pounds of produce for $7.75.

Now, you're right, there's only two adults, one toddler, and not a lot of storage in this house. So when I get awesome deals like this, we share. We have friends in the neighbourhood with two boys around Jay's age and are into saving moola too. We swap, borrow, and share stuff. We don't keep track of who has given the other what.. We just simply share. Having a car allows us to get to deals and places they can't (they are bus-travellers) and they have parents who frequent Costco and enjoy giving them gigantic boxes of stuff (which they can't finish in good time either). Today we brought them pounds and pounds of produce, tonight she's dropping off a bunch of disposable diapers so I don't have to buy a pack for when Jonathan is in someone else's care during his brother's arrival. It works and I love it.

As for this week's challenge - See if we can use up the rest of the produce in time to grab another round by Wednesday. Tonight's dinner was stew. Mashed potatoes, carrot soup, and epicure potato wedges are also on the menu for this week... Have any other ideas for me for potatoes, carrots and onions?


Not really thanks-giving-ers

Although we are in to giving thanks, we really aren't thanks-giving-ers. There's usually no turkey or stuffing in sight on this long weekend for us. I guess it would be different if we had family close by and a grand gathering to attend or host. But honestly a big bad bird for us 3 seems a little overwhelming. Maybe it will be different when the kid (*gasp* - kidS?) are older. Although I have been known to pick up a discount bird after the long weekend when the stores are trying to get rid of their flock stock.

I did manage to bake an apple pie though. Nesting gives you the urge to do the silliest of things, doesn't it? Like I had this mad urge to provide my family with an apple pie for dessert (after a meal of leftovers, no less). The tupperware drawer? Never been more organized. The windows are washed. Again. lol

I would end this random post with a question like "When you were pregnant, what strange nesting habits did you have?" But I know Tiffany despises it when posts end with open ended questions for readers to answer in the comments section. And I'm all about keeping Tiffany happy ;)



  • for family
  • for knowing Christ as my saviour
  • for the internet and it's capability to build community
  • for (yes, I'll say it) Facebook
  • for Jonathan and all the joy he brings to our lives each day
  • for my loving, caring, thoughtful husband. I would be nothing without him. 
  • for the baby growing inside me
  • for a normal, natural, nothing-much-to-write-home-about pregnancy (so far). It's been such a joy to simply live and and be without focusing on the stress, 'what-if's', and needless interventions 
  • for the midwives  for providing such an encouraging, supportive environment for said natural event
  • for coffee. Gosh I love coffee.
  • for chocolate
  • for crisp autumn nights that cool the house and warm sun that heat the days. This is my favourite time of year. 
  • for finding more neighbourhood friends
  • for everyone on our support team of our mission. What an incredible blessed people we are to have so much support behind us. 
  • for our new stroller. Have I not told you about our new stroller? No? Oh, I will. 
  • for a mechanic that, although is slow as molasses, is relatively inexpensive and easy to get an appointment with
  • for my son's fascination with trains. Yes, some days I wish he could add some variety to his life, but I love that he's such a focused kid, not bouncing from one thing to the next, but willing to get involved and really learn about something. And trains it is. 
  • for ketchup. Not that I particularly like ketchup, but my son does and that's our ticket to him eating protein
  • for snail mail. I love receiving mail! 
  • for Skype, Facetime, Facebook, Blogger, e-mail, texts, and phone calls that keep us in touch with our friends and family around the globe
  • for direct deposit and online banking
  • for our friends with talents that they are willing to share. Can hardly wait to see our family/maternity photos from our shoot today! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 


Ribbin it

Tonight the family across the street are coming over for dinner. They already have one boy and are due with their second son the same day we are due with ours. Cool eh? Can you imagine the grip-fest it'll be with us to ready-to-pop-ers around?

I'm making ribs. Delicious, delicious, delicious recipe. 

If I have time, I think I'mma gonna whip some of this together too!


Today I

  • Got to sleep in. Booya!!
  • Had a girlfriend and her son over for a play date. She lives a block away. We love that we can drop over for an hour or two and its no big deal. 
  • Cleaned, chopped, and roasted a VAT of vegetables for homemade pasta sauce. Super delicious and adds to the freezer stockpile.
  • Took a stash shot of my newborn diaper stash. Yup, we people do those kinds of things. It bothers me that there is still one on the way, but I'll deal.
  • Met up with a family to say goodbye. They are being relocated to China for the husband's work. Mega life changes in their future. 
  • Went for a much needed massage. What relief! 
  • Got home late, put kid to bed (okay, so Tom put him to bed while I soaked in the tub) and hope for another late morning tomorrow. 

Beautiful day, I'd say! 


the post in which I confess I use homemade deodorant

I've found myself doing some pretty crunchy things lately. Aside from the obvious (cloth diapering), we've come to be a paper-towel free household, I no longer use shampoo or condition in my hair, and... well, a few other things that maybe I'm just not yet to share about. lol 

Time and time again I'm floored by the fact that the 'crunchy' (read: old school) way of doing things FAR OUTWEIGH the nowadays 'normal' way of doing things. A great example: Stain removers. There's all sorts of chemical crap for sale to spray, pretreat, soak, or whathaveyou a stain on a cloth item. But did you know that exposing stains to the sun has a much better (and cheaper, and better for the environment, and yadda yadda) effect? Seriously, wet the stain, lay in sunlight and voila! Gone. Some real stubborn stains will need to be re-wet a few times and super stubborn stains may need to be wetted with lemon juice. And now I realize why so many detergents have a name or a picture to do with the sun. Because all our grandparents know this wisdom and connect the sun to stain-fighting power. But I digress. 

My latest crunchy project? Homemade deodorant. Yes. You read that right. Even Tom, who is pretty used to my antics by now, gave me an odd look for this one. 

Coconut oil (oh goodness, the things coconut oil can do!), baking soda, and arrowroot powder. Ratio of 1:1:1. Even *I* was skeptical, because although I dig all things good for the environment and good for my wallet, I demand that they still work just as well, if not better. 

But I seriously can't say enough good things about this homemade concoction for a deodorant. (I know, that sounds nuts). But SERIOUSLY, it freakin' works!!! And works much, much better than regular deodorants. And you aren't putting chemical crap on your pits everyday. And it's cheaper. I especially love that Tom's now using it (it took him a while to give it a try, but I wanted to test it on a really stinky subject to see if it could cut it) and it WORKS! I love it so much more than the regular stuff because our clothes (especially Tom's) doesn't stink like deodorant. You know what I'm talking about, the shirt-sniff test that ends in more laundry because it smells like pit stick. 

Seriously; coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot poweder in a 1:1:1 

You will be amazed. 


I loath formatting

Due to technical difficulties, the real blog post for today has been postponed. Sorry. :P


Baba Duty

My mom came to visit in September. It's now tradition (that I can't guarantee we will need to undertake again ;) ) for her to come and help prepare for baby. Just like she did when she came to help prepare for Jonathan, she awesomely filled the freezer with meals, entertained me in my third trimester blissfulness, helped put up the nursery decals, and snapped photos of our grand work just minutes before heading to the airport. 

Simply put, without Baba, we'd be screwed. 


A boy, his bear, and a bath

Alright, so just wash him! Got it.

"Hey Jonathan?!"
"Shall we give Teddy a bath?"
"In the washing machine, it'll be fun! Grab dino too, so teddy won't be lonely."
"ummm... Okay! I go get dino..."

Can you see where this is going?

thud.. thud.... slam.

Jonathan threw them in, shut the door, and hit the wash button.

"Okay mommy! Teddy in da bath!"

He watches the machine spin one way, then the other (weight testing). He thinks this is hilarious.

"Teddy go round ann round!"

Well, what was I stressed about? This was easy! He loves it!

Just then, the machine starts to fill. Jonathan starts to PANIC.

"Open da door! OPEN DA DOOR!!!!"

He tries desperately to pull on the door with all his might.


Screeching and screaming he yanks and pulls in vain.

Realizing what kind of mistake I made, and knowing that this will continue so long as he can see Teddy's sudsy, soaked limp body sloshing this way, then that, I pealed his fingers off the door and took him upstairs. Like a mama bear fighting for her cub, he flailed and gnashed, screaming "OPEN DAAAAA DOOOOOOOR!!!!" so loud his voice cracked at every word.

The doorbell rang. It was the mailman with a MUCH anticipated parcel that I refused to wait until Monday for.

I frantically called Tom at work on Skype, plopped our screaming child in front of the screen, and ran downstairs to catch the delivery man just leaving from dropping off a Sorry We Missed You notice. I got my parcel from his van and ran back to the house.

Jonathan is hysterical, sobbing to daddy. All Tom could make out was that it had something to do with a bath.  He calms him down while I set up a Thomas movie on the other computer. Jonathan is now calm, but has those uncontrollable huhuhuhuhha's. Tom tells me to grab back up Teddy (who, in the tragic event that just transpired, was not thrown in to the machine yet).

I plop down Backup Teddy by Jay. Tom asks "Hey Jay, LOOK! Who's THAT?!"

With a quivering lip, big red eyes, and a tear slowly making it's way down his cheek, Jonathan responds "Not Teddy."

You-Tubed Thomas the Train episodes holds him off of complete melt down mode (although peppered with a few quivering bottom lips and pleas to have teddy back).

Obviously hang drying was not an option at this point.

Teddy and friends were whipped though the delicate dry cycle and reunited with their traumatized buddy just in time for his nap. Although still quite damp, Jonathan wrapped his arms around Teddy and has not let go.


A boy and his bear

Jonathan has a teddy bear. His name is... wait for it... Teddy. The guy used to be soft, fuzzy, and white. He's more of a grey tone now, and a bit stinky. Ew, I know.  He *needs* a wash.

On a flight home from Christmas, Teddy went tragically missing when a suitcase was misplaced at the airport. We learned a lesson - a backup Teddy was purchased.

You see though... Backup Teddy is, well, soft, fuzzy, and white. Truth be told, he could never pass for 'Teddy'. Jonathan brings Teddy with him everywhere; grocery shopping, car rides, and especially naps and nighttime.

So tell me, oh wise internet, when do I wrangle this thing into the wash? Can teddies go into the drier? He's made the trip before ('surface wash only' my ear when he was covered in puke). Should I throw Backup Teddy in with it to start the wear-processing so one day he could pass as Teddy if needed?


Babe's back up

Although probably silly to some, I really get a kick out of Jay being the cover model for one of my favourite wahm diaper makers. Check him out here.

Wondering what's a wahm? Well, check that out in an article I wrote over here. 



( Riiiiiiiight, let's sign up for something else I can fail at completing :P )

Alright folks! Here we go again. It's October. This is a blog. Hence the need for Blogtober! The month where we all scramble for something to write about and getting up at 2:00am to whip something up and slap a time-stamp of the previous day on because we forgot to post.

This years topics? Pregnancy, support raising, my crazy toddler, wrapping up our time in Montreal, my mom's group, a bible study I attend, the awesome village we've come to reply on, and how heart wrenching it is to think of leaving our village soon... And maybe a baby debut?! Who knows!

Tiffany, have a glass of wine before reading, punctuation and grammar are out the window. I'll just bank on forgiveness from everyone else.

Day 1, complete. And it's only 9:37pm. Go me.


Our site is up! Our site is up!

Check'er out! 

Yup, it still needs work. That's fine - at least it's up!!


Summertime summary

We are busy having fun, helping out, and living life this summer. Well that, and support raising, preparing to double in number of offspring, and gearing up to wrap up life in Montreal. So mjuch blog fodder, to the point I never know where to begin. So let's just start randomly.

We are currently house sitting for an awesome family while they are away on vacation. We've been living it up in the air conditioned house, and making waves in the pool everyday. We're calling it our working stay-cation :P

Jonathan is as awesome as ever. I love the little boy he's becoming and can hardly wait for him to be a big brother (while savouring the time of him being an only child still). Jonathan and I are looking after a 5 month old a day or two a week this summer and he is *amazing* with her. He's gentle, caring, and loves to help me take care of her. Today while the two of them laid on the floor beside each other for diaper changes my heart melted... Thinking of how it will be with two of them being mine! I know there will be challenges, but some things are going to be really awesome. Like, you know, having BROTHERS around!

We are still busy support raising to get to Elkhart. Our new website is still underway. Tom preached at an Anglican church this past Sunday (let's add that to a list of firsts) and we have a few more meetings booked for this summer. We are eager to find the rest of our support team, but are determined to continue to enjoy and live life too (and not solely focus on getting to the next stage). It's a tough balance to achieve, but we better get used to it... Considering we are headed for a life time of it!

Also... My goodness! I need to put some new photos up on this blog.


How he looked when he heard the news...

That we get to see (ultrasound) pictures of Baby tomorrow!!


Random Ramblings

My 'garden' is (finally) in. It's only a few herbs and tomatoes this year... One day we will have a real garden, but until then I shall practice in planters.

We're almost half way to baby #2 (20 weeks this Sunday!). That also means our big ultrasound is coming up, I'm anxiously awaiting Monday afternoon!

Jonathan is growing in leaps and bounds. He amazes me everyday with what he can do and what he can say! It's also amazing how much easier it is on my heart that he is growing up, knowing there is another baby on the way.

I haven't been writing here much, but I have been guest blogging elsewhere. I really enjoy guest blogging, especially when given a topic and offered something in exchange for the article. Can't beat being paid for something you enjoy doing!

The weather has been wonderful. Brilliantly bright and hot days spread out by rain and mid-temperatures. It's great to enjoy the summer heat but with days to cool off the house in between! It also varies our diet. Hot days=salads and wraps of sorts, mild temp and rain means hearty food from the oven.

Speaking of food, now that the nausea is (almost!) under control, we're back to eating real food. According to the grocery bill, I'm making up for lost time.

I'm really looking forward to our Manitoba trip at the end of the month. We haven't been there since Christmas (and won't be again until Christmas). I miss family. I especially miss opportunities for Jonathan to be with our family.

It looks like we won't be moving houses before moving to the states. The 3 bedroom that was supposed to become available hasn't yet and we are kind of running out of time. That means the 4 of us will be here for a few months. It will be... crammed cozy. 

We took a road trip to Elkhart (did I even mention that previously on this blog? Yikes, I don't think so). I wrote about it on our missions blog, here.  The trip was super awesome. We can HARDLY wait to get there permanently.

We will be launching a new website for our endeavour. Like, soon! Can hardly wait for a professional website to represent what we will be doing!


unwelcomed company - Part III

A FREAKIN MOUSE fell from the top of the staircase to the floor beside us when we were just chilling in the living room last night. Tom tried to chase him away... Mouse didn't even move! (which makes me think he has a disease of some sort)... I freaked out. While Tom caught him I looked up an exterminator and told Tom we were LEAVING until this place was clean. (you know, we'd WALK to a hotel because our car is still in the shop).

Then, out of desperation (from the mice and his freaking out wife), Tom opened the front door: The cat was sitting right there! Missing for days and had returned for this pivotal moment!  I started praying out loud for the cat to come inside... She stood up, and promptly walked inside. PRAISE THE LORD! 

This morning an exterminator came. Extra point for me. 

We will eventually sleep again. Right? 


my excuse for lack of blogging

We've got company, Part 2

So a friend had pity on me and lent me their cat. I was excited, so was Jonathan. We both love cats. The cat came, enjoyed our house for a few hours, then escaped. Crap.

So now I still have my mouse problem (though Tom did trap one) and now I'm missing a friend's cat. Awesome.



We've got company.

I was up late a few nights ago chatting away on Facebook. Along with the clicking of the keyboard... I heard clicking in a nearby closet. Eek! I quickly said goodnight to Facebook and ran upstairs, pouncing on Tom, whispering in a not so calm voice that I think I heard a mouse.

A day later, our dishwasher broke. It began spewing the water that was supposed to go into the wash basin all over the kitchen floor. Joy.... But it wasn't PURE joy, until Tom took it apart and found traces of mouse. Ack. The 'good news'? The hose had simply been flicked out of place (you know - because *something* had been using it as a way up to the counter.) Easy fix for the washing machine, but less sleep at night for Candice.

Then last night, since we were still firmly in denial, Tom looked up from his laptop to see A FREAKIN MOUSE! on the kitchen floor.

I, of course, jumped up on a chair.

I'm still there now.


He's 2

Interests: He loves all things rockets, dinosaurs, and trains.

Favorite food: Sushi (relax, we only give him vegetarian sushi). He loves it so much he carries around a sushi menu just to gaze at and drool on. I'm not kidding.

Favorite past times: Playing with his train set and lego, doing puzzles, making you make things ouf of play dough, hanging our in his auntie-made fort, clearing out the tupperware cabinet and climbing inside to hide.

Favorite stuffed animals: Dino and Teddy. There is no sleeping without them both.

Favorite show: Mommy is pretty stingy with the screen time, but when it's a special occasion she'll YouTube a rocket launch and it just mesmerizes him. Everything from the announcer going through all the pre-launch data, the count down and the blast off, to the announcer checking off Machs and altitudes... It's all so captivating to JayJay.

He is sensitive and caring with a great sense of humour. He is an observer-then-doer, meticulous, and thoughtful. He is very smart, but hasn't yet harnessed that to be bad. If he is around people he doesn't know, he appears to be a quiet kid... But once he relaxes, it becomes clear why we call him Parrot.

Happy 2nd birthday Jonathan! You will always be my baby. 



so thankful

That there was a skylight on my beloved macro lens