Summertime summary

We are busy having fun, helping out, and living life this summer. Well that, and support raising, preparing to double in number of offspring, and gearing up to wrap up life in Montreal. So mjuch blog fodder, to the point I never know where to begin. So let's just start randomly.

We are currently house sitting for an awesome family while they are away on vacation. We've been living it up in the air conditioned house, and making waves in the pool everyday. We're calling it our working stay-cation :P

Jonathan is as awesome as ever. I love the little boy he's becoming and can hardly wait for him to be a big brother (while savouring the time of him being an only child still). Jonathan and I are looking after a 5 month old a day or two a week this summer and he is *amazing* with her. He's gentle, caring, and loves to help me take care of her. Today while the two of them laid on the floor beside each other for diaper changes my heart melted... Thinking of how it will be with two of them being mine! I know there will be challenges, but some things are going to be really awesome. Like, you know, having BROTHERS around!

We are still busy support raising to get to Elkhart. Our new website is still underway. Tom preached at an Anglican church this past Sunday (let's add that to a list of firsts) and we have a few more meetings booked for this summer. We are eager to find the rest of our support team, but are determined to continue to enjoy and live life too (and not solely focus on getting to the next stage). It's a tough balance to achieve, but we better get used to it... Considering we are headed for a life time of it!

Also... My goodness! I need to put some new photos up on this blog.