Eye see you 2

Well, here's the update.

I went to the eyeball doc, showed her my portfolio of wonky eyes (plus stayed up super late the night before, which usually triggers a tired Lefty), and asked if she could fix it. She said Yes.

The day I met with her she had a cancellation for a local anesthetic surgery on May 22, which she offered to me. Wow, that's fast! Especially considering I waited 9 months to get in to see her for my first consultation.

Then, oh then, I made the mistake of googling the procedure, and I watched a video of the operation. GAH! Put me under, my word, please put me under!

So I was moved onto the waiting list for a general anesthetic surgery. If I were to book it straight up, I would be living in Costa Rica when they called, so I went on the last-minute waiting list.

Then they called, last minute, and now I'm scheduled for a general anesthetic surgery to fix Lefty tomorrow morning!

And now, I'm super nervous.


Is it just me, or is, like, everyone ill?

My husband, dad, mom, friends, extended family, fellow plane passengers, and exam-writing undergrads are ill. And, now, even my anonymous blogger is sick!!

Dear little immune system,

You have been terrific all winter; this is the first winter we've made it through without getting ill! So please, keep doin' your thang!


How are you feeling??


And, they're off!

Heeeerrrrre we go again!

Winding up for another whorl-wind weekend.
We best take lots of pictures - It's gonna be another quick one.

Tom - 60 hours (amazingly, not a record)
Candice - 100 hours

!!!Can't wait to get this party started!!!


Job Security

This world we live in. How could it be? Exam time + a threatening message written on a bathroom wall = security guards at every major intersection of the university hallways, at every entrance, and at the top of every flight of stairs. At work, on every floor, there are at least 2 guards...One in uniform, one undercover.

Montreal has good reason to take these kinds of things seriously. The memories of a recent high school incident in 2006, and the infamous PolyTech in 1989 make these things no matter to try and call a bluff on.


When you have one plan, and your supervisors have another

I had a beautifully planned spring.


Finish last assignment by 15th
Work FT 16th-22nd invigilating exams while enjoying a beautiful week 'off'!!
  • 'Off' meaning working full-time downtown with an hour and a half commute both ways... but once I was home...My time would be ours, oh ours! I could delve into photography books! Practice with the cam! Scrapbook a page or two!??!?! The options were endless, and I was so looking forward to them.
Visit Mb 23-28
  • Visit, play, relax, enjoy!!!
Work 29-30


Complete literature review and officially submit it by the end of the month.

Process the statistics from my data, analyze results...compare/contrast against literature...etc.

1-30th Write, submit, present, & defend.
31st - 'graduate'!!!!

Then I received an e-mail from my supervisors

"Please note that both ** and I will be traveling a considerable amount this summer. We require your statistics to be processed by the 15th of MAY" [Emphasis mine]

GAH!!!! 15th of May? How???

"We would like to meet with you on the 29th of April to discuss your progress."

Discuss my progress? I'm just finishing up my work for the full-time semester here. That's progress to me...But I have a feeling they aren't interested in hearing about that progress. They want to see the work I have(n't!) done since last meeting in March. Oh common' I have (correction: had!) scrapbooking planned ladies!!! Sigh.


Looks like I will have something to do during that commute and between 11:30pm-6:45am, the only hours I will have available to increase productivity. That's too bad because I had plans for then too: SLEEP!




Going out with a bang! (Or bust)

Well, today is my last class. (Ever?!)
Yup, today I will be done attending courses for this degree. (Hopefully!)

And what am I doing in class today? Giving a talk on health status in refugee camps and how epidemiological research has contributed to the establishment of the minimal standards that aid agency are required to follow, whether these are being met, and potentially more culturally-appropriate solutions to reducing child mortality due to diarrheal illness in these settings.

A light subject, I know!

I find the topic quite fascinating. I have a pretty good PowerPoint presentation prepared (Tom is *amazing* with graphics and animations!!), so it all comes down to performance. I'm a bit nervous, which is funny because I'm usually not this nervous about these kinds of things. The assignemtn isn't even 'worth' that much, but it seems like such an important talk. Maybe, just maybe, could it be related to my passion for the subject matched with the fact that this is the LAST ONE for the term? The last day of classes for the degree? Knowing that this is the last academic presentation I will be giving before the BigGahuna in August?



I killed her with a cup of tea

Remember the last time I wrote? I was all tired and stuff, and was going to go consume something?
Well, I choose a cup of candied tea.
{Note to self: When tired, step away from the laptop.}

Then I killed my friend with it.

My beautiful, beautiful computer, Red. Gone! She was a good friend, counselor, and colleague. From the beginning of my masters to (the idea was) the end. We've pulled late, late nights and early, early mornings. We've worked allllll day, so many days... In the car, in the plane, in the bus, in the train. We'd SAS and Word and surf all at once. We'd write papers with EndNote and run SAS with index. We'd practice presentations and programing statistics. We'd graph and play and blog and bust. We'd surf and chat and go every where together...and...sniffle!! SOB!!! RED!!!! NOOOO!!!

"This is NOT happening!"

Her name was Red. She was beautiful. I loved her.

But with a cup of tea, she's gone.

She will be so hard to replace (for a multitude of reasons!) But she is irreplaceable in the friendship that grew over so many learning experiences together.

Red, you will be missed.



Because I haven't blogged in a while!

Random life updates:
  • This week coming up is the last full-week of classes (maybe EVER!!!!)
  • We are ridiculously busy because this is the last full week of classes
  • We did the 30 hour famine this weekend... it reinforced my love of food (for comfort reasons too ... there were 80 youth in total!!)
  • I start invigilating exams in two weeks. Lookin' forward to it.
  • We are working hard on the C.R. stuff. Lots, and lots, and lots of things to do...We have been asked to do a presentation for the board in two weeks!!
  • My aerobics classes ended last week, I'm really going to miss them...But don't mind having a weekday night back.
  • I hope your weekend is going well.
  • I'm exhausted.
  • I'm going to go consume something.