You know you're not in Kansas anymore when...

  • A sugar cane 'train' passes you on your walk to school
  • Men carry machetes
  • Ants crawl over produce, cookie bags, etc at the store. And no one seems to mind.
  • Eggs sit on top of the fridge not in the fridge
  • You whistle at the bus driver to get him to stop.
  • Car insurance is a concept only known and appreciated by the wealthy. Why? "Most Costa Ricans simply can't afford the $300 a year."
  • While driving you need to swerve around cattle, horses, quads, stray dogs, pedestrians, and whatever else is using the road that day too. Which takes us back to the car insurance thing...
  • When an open-box delivery truck passes you on the road, you know what he's carrying by the smell it leaves behind. Chilies burn the nose!
  • Meetings, events, or anything else can be canceled or moved, without notice or reason. Not only can this be done by the person leading the event, but also by people attending the event.
  • When you go to someone's house for a 30mintue project, you must spend 2 hours having coffee and treats before the project can happen. Then have lunch after.
  • Roosters have no idea what time it is. They'll crow in the morning, evening, afternoon... they really don't discriminate.
  • Dogs make noise at any hour, too. And no one seems to care. Not even at 4:00 in the morning. Nope, no need to tell your pooch to cork it!
  • Insects can be so large that you think of them as an animal, so you refuse to hit them. (But do encourage and assist in getting them out of your house.)

Stay tuned, I'm sure we'll be adding to this list...


Because pictures are worth thousands of words

And I've been lacking a good quantity of them on our blogs.


Month 1

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1 Month Update

Check here for an update video for our 'monthiversary'!!



I kid you not, the house just shook!

I'm in the hammock, which hangs from the rafters that just vibrated, and the tin roof trembled.

How awesome is that!!


CompleaƱos Feliz!

It's hard to believe it's been a year since New York City.

But what a year's it's been!

Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you!