Wedded Bliss

We went to a wedding yesterday. It was fabulous.... We went to the dinner, enjoyed the cocktails, partook in the Cha Cha Slide, had an awesome time and came home well after 1:00am. While wearing dangly earrings. Yes. Dangly earrings. Because precious Jonathan was at home, eating his favorite sweet and sour chicken for dinner at home, playing at the park and sleeping soundly in his crib (ON TIME!) with a super awesome baby sitter.

I seriously couldn't pay her enough. And that wasn't just the grappa talking.


the big FIVE

Today I received 5 gorgeous roses from the love of my life... Tomorrow is our fifth anniversary :)


trolling the etsy for christmas gift ideas

I love etsy.  It's like having cool artistic talent without all the work. Everything is handmade, just not by me. Score. The drawback? Must order early in time fro Christmas. So shop I must.

I think I'll get Jay one of these and one of these. Look like great airplane ride gifts  :)

I think one of these would be awesome too... Except made with rice and by someone Jay knows and loves. Someone with sewing talent and a knack for stuff like that... But where would I find someone like that???



we laid low today
i had a migraine
it was awful
tom came home from work early
that ^ made baby happy
cause mama was boring

i'm behind in blogtober
i know
i know


weekend recap

Friday evening I spent at a friend's house setting up for another friend's bridal shower. It was fun and I was so impressed with the matron of honor's decoration ideas. Wow. I do not have that kind of talent.

Saturday Tom went to a men's breakfast at the church. Jay and I chilled at home and made delicious cinnamon buns. Gosh they were good. We spent the afternoon at the park and went of for an early dinner at a local sushi restaurant. I brought some food for Jay but he wanted NOTHING to do with it. He wanted sushi. And to eat it with chop-sticks. Go figure.

Saturday night I went to said bridal shower. I was the official photographer for the event - it was fun! 

The dim lighting was fantastic practice for ISO/shutter speed/aperture adjustments let me tell ya...

This morning Tom made french toast while I was still sleeping (two GLORIOUS things those are french toast and sleeping in!). The best part? He made them out of the cinnamon buns I made yesterday. WOWZERS. They were good.

We served coffee after the morning service at church had a quick lunch and nap at home before heading downtown Montreal to hit up some awesome markets and shops. Its such fun heading into the big city for the day!

We ended the wonderful weekend with tamales for dinner. And voila. The weekend is over.


Feliz CumpleaƱos


This video makes me yearn for Costa Rica. It's about the mission where we were serving and the people we lived with (some literally!) and grew to love so deeply. It's nice to see that they all seem to be doing so well.

And for those of you who read this blog and came down to see us (mom) I'm sure you'll recognize a few faces too :)


family photos

A friend snapped a few family photos for us in hopes of getting some Christmas card and brochure material. When we were done, I asked him to take one like this:

But of course to get him to smile like that, we had to do this:


50 things I'm thankful for, in random order

  1. My fantastic, supportive, and courageous husband
  2. My fun, kooky, loveable 19 (NINETEEN!!!) month old
  3. Jesus, my saviour
  4. A safe house to sleep in
  5. The park a block away
  6. The water front 2 blocks away
  7. Jonathan's mad obsession with cleaning tools (having a rough day? Break out the broom!)
  8. The internet to keep in contact with everyone
  9. Facebook. Gosh I love Facebook. I'm not sure what I'd do without my FB groups...
  10. My mama friends. They keep me sane and trick me into thinking I'm not nuts. 
  11. Every supporter that has got behind our upcoming endeavor. So far we have 27 monthly supporters, an additional 15 one-time supporters, and over a dozen more families to get back to us... The Lord provides! 
  12. A safe car to drive
  13. Friends calling us up to ensure we have somewhere to be for Thanksgiving dinner
  14. Baby sign language. This is GENIUS. 
  15. Sangria. I'll admit it. 
  16. The colours of autumn.
  17. Skype
  18. My iPhone
  19. Cloth diapers
  20. Cappuccinos
  21. Our fancy and fangled washer an dryer. They've made laundry fun again
  22. Airplanes, which make this world so much smaller
  23. Video baby monitors
  24. For my friend Ariel in Costa Rica who is on the slooooww road to recovery, but recovery none-the-less! 
  25. For a family member's test results coming back benign
  26. Online banking
  27. Family allowance cheques
  28. Receiving (fun!) mail
  29. Starbucks
  30. Sushi
  31. Bible Study Fellowship, I am being challenged and learning so much
  32. The child care provided at BSF, Jonathan is getting to work on his being-wihtout-mommy skills in a safe, nurturing, peaceful environment. He isn't thrilled about it, but he's been such a brave boy. 
  33. My Bloggy friends
  34.  Long weekends
  35. Playgroups
  36. Chocolate
  37. Kind neighbors
  38. A wonderful landlord
  39. Direction in life
  40. Healthcare
  41. The fabulous strip of water-front restaurants in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
  42. The prairie sky
  43. Thunderstorms
  44. My parents
  45. Caramel apple dip
  46. My bread machine
  47. Jonathan's teddy bear. Life is a lot easier with a transition object around ;) Plus it's so cute the way he loves on it.
  48. My camera
  49. Sandra Boynton's children's books
  50. Consignment shops

Happy Thanksgiving!


when two and a half hobbies are combined...

 You get fun photos (1) of cloth diapers (1) in a blog post (0.5) review.

Actual review here: http://www.diaperdeals.ca/diaper-review-the-modern-crunch

a lovely day in Kingston

We got up and headed to Kingston first thing this morning to spend the day with a few of Tom's cousins and their families. In all we were 5 adults and and 5 children (age 3 and under).

It was loud and it was fun. We had delicious food and spent some time at a local pumpkin patch and corn maze. And we *almost* got a great family photo out of the deal too.


10 things about today

  1. Jay woke at 6:30am, Tom was so gracious to get out of bed and spend time with him before leaving for work so I could sleep in. Sweet, sweet, glorious sleep. 
  2. Jay and I did make it to our playgroup... But first I did the dishes and vacuumed. Go me! 
  3. I *finally* let Jay have a go with the vacuum cleaner. If you know my son, you know he's OBSESSED with vacuums and this made his month!
  4. I brought the apples & caramel dip and the homemade hummus to the playgoup. Both were very well received! 
  5. We left the playgroup early so I could get Jay down for him nap and lunch on the table before my girlfriend and her 3 year old arrived. 
  6. Jay slept for a whopping 35 minutes before he heard someone else playing with his toys and demanded to join in. 
  7. The four of us had a wonderful afternoon with all-things dipable for lunch, time at the park, and toys strewn everywhere. I'm kind of taking a liking to the chaos of toddlers. 
  8. Our company left at 5:20 and Jay was asleep by 5:22
  9. For dinner we had all-thing leftovers because this is going to be a busy weekend out of the house! 
  10. And here we are kicking off another long weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!



For tomorrow's gathering I made this and this. It is going to be a delicious time.

This weekend is also looking quite delicious with a family get-together in Kingston on Saturday, and Thanksgiving dinners on Sunday AND Monday.  Wish me luck with my cheese-birds.



If there's one thing that's completely detrimental to the morale of the stay at home mom, it's isolation: The feeling you are alone, like you're the only one fighting put-your-jacket-on battles, and convinced everyone else has it together. The solution? Play groups.

Why haven't I partaken before?!?

This fall Jay and I are booked with outings of social nature 3-4 mornings a week. In a few weeks, it will be 4-5 mornings a week. Each day is something different, and I love it. And no, I never meant to book that much. It just sort of happened.

Mondays: Tots sensory class.
I looooove this class. It's all about the kids and letting them be the exploring toddlers they are. It's semi-structured and absolutely fantastic. Plus it gives me much-needed low-cost toddler activity ideas for home. I wasn't planning on registering, but a girlfriend of mine was dying to sign up for something and wanted someone to come with her. So glad I did! It's only 45 minutes and starts at 10:00, which gives us plenty of time to get there and get other things done before nap time.

Wednesday: Mom & tots play group at the church.
A girlfriend of mine and I started this up a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. Basically we come and take over the church basement for a few hours Wednesday mornings. We bring our kids, some food, and spend the time encouraging (and commiserating) with each other. It's been fantastic for growing my relationship with fellow moms-of-toddlers in the congregation.

Thursday: Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)
This one was a stretch for me, but I'm so glad I've joined. It's a weekly, intense, bible study for women. My biggest concern was leaving Jonathan in the child care provided. The first week went swimmingly, the second was a bit tougher... But really, it's been SO GOOD for me to see that he can be left with someone for a few hours... And that doing so is actually a good thing for our relationship.

Friday: Local playdate
A friend of mine that lives about a block from me has a few mamas and their kids over every Friday morning. I throw Jonathan in the sling and take my coffee cup steaming with black goodness and join them to wrap up the week. The group is far more granola than I am, but the change of people, scenery, and parenting style is nice.

But considering tomorrow is my bible study, I need to go to my homework! 


Hung up on the tail feathers.

I want to make this for Thanksgiving:

We've been invited to join another family in their feast, so the least I can do is bring a fancy cheese ball thingy. But here's the kicker, I'm gung-ho about making it until it comes to those tail feathers. For one, I'm not a fan of food colouring, and for two... I'm kinda lazy and can't see myself doing that.

So please, help save the cheese ball and lend me your suggestions for a new (lazy-woman's) tail!

Blogtober. Oh my.

Thanks to Tiffany for the reminder... Oiy. I completely forgot!

So here's the deal: I'm either going to blog everyday (either here or our missions blog - hey, my blog(s), my rules) or I think it's time to pack this blog in.

Yeah, I know, extreme. But seriously? This blog has only been a source of guilt lately. No joy. At all. So I think it's time to come back to it, or to chop it. No more guilt. Life's too short.

So here's to a month of slapped-together posts in order to keep this puppy alive!

**NOTE: This was written ahead of time and schedule to be posted yesterday, October 1st. So I haven't entirely failed at Blogtober yet, just still getting familiar with the new interface.