Dear baby

Sweetheart, tonight is our last night together as one. I cherish these last few hours with you inside me, but look forward to meeting you face-to-face.

Be strong and get some rest, my son, for tomorrow is going to be a very big day for us.

I love you.

It's time



On Friday we went to the hospital for our second scheduled non stress test (NST), with our hospital bags packed; we were told that if anything abnormal were to show up on the fetal strip, I'd be induced. However, according to the monitors, our little man is still doing well (praise God!)!! Interestingly though, our doctor moved our next test from Wednesday to this coming Monday. We are to return to the hospital first thing Monday morning for another NST and to check the amniotic fluid level. She told us that if it is less than 5, I'll be induced, so bring be prepared with all of our stuff again. If it's higher than 5, it may be enough to make it until spontaneous delivery occurs (although we'll probably be checking everything again on Wednesday) but I must be vigilant in monitoring fetal movement everyday.

Although it fills me with such joy to hear that our baby boy is still doing well, I must say it is very roller-coaster-ish emotionally looking to detect 'fetal distress' and hearing that it's a possibility to be 'induced today', reminded to be vigilant on paying attention to fetal movements, and taking our hospital bags in and out of the car...

I know that pretty much all women at this stage of pregnancy start to get a little anxious as to when their baby will arrive, but this has been a bit stressful! I can't help but feel that we're waiting for something to go wrong... But I sure don't want to start introducing interventions (such as an induction) needlessly...

I've been trying to stay occupied with readings and craft projects, going for walks with Tom, blogging more, and resting when I can (not easy to do when you're restless!).

Can you help a girl out?!? What did you do to stay sane during the last few weeks of a pregnancy?



I'll admit it, I'm usually not the romantic one in our relationship. But I think I may have scored a few points two Fridays ago when I surprised Tom with a gussied up wife, a candle lit dinner of homemade sushi (go me!), and my version of this sweet treat for dessert. I failed to remember to take a picture, so I'll use the one off the other blog to show you.

I used chocolate covered blueberries for garnish instead, and inside that box made of 3 wonderful types of chocolates laid a chocolate covered strawberry, cut in the shape of a heart. I followed with a sappy speech of 'no matter what comes, my heart is yours...'

I often wonder how a baby will change our relationship. I have no doubt it will, but I take solace in knowing that we are often at our best when we are working together on something. For two people who aren't the best 'team players', for some reason we rock at working together!

I thank God for the time He has given us to build our relationship before the arrival of offspring. We've had many amazing experiences and times together that I know will be an asset to draw upon come rough times in the future. Lord thank you for the past 4 years with Tom! May we never loose sight of each other and the love that bound us together during the coming challenges of parenthood!


A little preview of what's to come!

12 for 12

So, they tell me I'll miss being pregnant. They've been right so far, so I doubt they're off on this one.

They tell me to write down some memories so I won't forget. So here's 12, because the ticker says 12 today.
  1. I was nauseous. I had morning sickness for 15 weeks straight. I don't know if I'll ever forget that. I got sick to my stomach every time I got the slightest bit hungry. On more than one occasion Tom had to find me something to eat in the middle of the night so I could ward off nausea long enough to get back to sleep. I would also get nauseous when exposed to humidity. Needed to shower with the bathroom door wide open, fans on, and hot-water turned down low... And I couldn't stand the smell of Tom's head for most of those 15 weeks. I don't know what it was, but it was horrible. The mix of Ecuadorian heat, his head, and the shampoo we had... BLACH!! Tom was such a good sport about it. He tried different shampoos and kept the top of his head away from my nose for a few months. God bless him.
  2. While pregnant I've flown out to a remote Ecuadorian jungle-village, to Columbia, to Montreal, to Colorado, to Winnipeg, to Vancouver, back to Winnipeg, then back to Montreal, to Costa Rica, back to Montreal, then to Manitoba again, then back to Montreal. Then I was past the 'no-fly' time line for our insurance company. I've been grounded. Literally. And it's sure going to suck when the scientists discover flying isn't good for fetuses.
  3. I've had gastric reflux for the past... oh... eternity. I can't remember the last time I bent over to pick something up without remnants of my last meal needing to be swallowed for a second time. Yup, gross!
  4. Our little peanut dances around in the womb whenever he hears music, especially when it's live. He bounces and squirms right after it starts. So cute. A musician in the making?
  5. He's facing my right. Pretty much always has. That side of my abdomen has been tenderized by baby feet over the past few months.
  6. He often gets squirmy when he hears Tom talk. At Christmas his reaction was incredible to the sound of Tom talking to his dad!
  7. Tom hums lullabies on my belly before bed. Most often the baby settles down to listen intently and squirms when the song is done. But there have been occasions when he's wound up and kicked daddy in the face.
  8. I haven't had a lot of swelling. My cheeks are larger but that's, um, not swelling...
  9. I've gained 36 pounds (and counting!) but haven't gotten any stretch marks (yet)
  10. I get Braxton Hicks contractions whenever I walk outside into the cold, bend down for a period of time (cleaning up, shaving my legs, etc), when I stand up after laying down, and when someone I'm not close to touches my tummy.
  11. I have been incredibly blessed from those near and far in preparing for this baby. I can't even list all of the generous things people have done for us! Our church's beautiful Jack & Jill shower, all you gals commiserating with me when I grip on the blog, Tom's cousin from Victoria sending a huge box of (really nice!) maternity clothes and a second box full of baby boy clothes for us, my mom coming out twice to help with the preparations... It's all been so amazing! The 'community raising the child' is already in full swing!
  12. The emotions during these last few weeks. Wow. What a roller coaster! Anxiety, excitement, anticipation, worry, wonder, joy, concern, frustration, strength... But above all, LOVE, over someone we have never met!


'round these parts

Things have been exciting.

My mom was here for the weekend (Fri-Mon) and we had a blast. Dozens and dozens of homemade perogies, pots and pots of soups, plus 3 casseroles later... My freezer is *stocked* with homemade meals!!

We also put the finishing touches on the baby's room. I must say, I Love It!!!!

Sadly, I had to let her go home on Monday. But she'll be back when the babe is born.

Tuesday (yesterday) we had a doctor's appointment. We learned two weeks ago that I have low amniotic fluid levels. 'Low' as in my amniotic fluid index (AFI) was a 7.4 (the normal range is between 8-18). Anything under 6 is cause for hitting the ejection button. I was told to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and we'd measure again at yesterday's appointment. So I hydrated best I could, and yesterday we measured again: I came in at 6.2 with 'best case' scenario being 7.0. The tech sent us back to the doctor, the doctor sent us to the hospital for a non stress test (NST), which pretty much means slapping some monitors around my belly and see how the baby is doing.

Before leaving the clinic I asked what the procedures are based on results of the NST. My doc told us that if the baby was doing well, we'd go home and carry on as normal. If the baby was showing any signs of distress, I'd be induced. Immediately.

Oh boy, here we go again!

We put both sets of parents on standby, picked up our hospital bags (I'm sure glad I have those packed now!), and headed to the hospital. We were ready. But, our baby was not. According to the monitors, our Little Peanut was doing just fine. He doesn't seem to care too much that his swimming pool is dry.

We go in for another NST this Friday afternoon, with the same dichotomous outcomes. Then again next Wednesday...


From resting to nesting

The bed rest only lasted a few days... Thankfully. It's really hard on the body to not move about.

So yes, I'm back to being up and around. I've been spending my days prepping for the arrival of our babe: Some days I have lots of energy coupled with a relentless urge to clean (under the bed, the back of the walk-in closet, arrange the tupperware drawer...) other days I sit and eat bowl-full after bowl-full of whatever I've found in the fridge and wonder how I'm ever going to get the energy to put all my dishes into the dishwasher. Ain't pregnancy strange?

Overall, I'm very thankful for the events of the past weeks. If nothing else they've really put things into perspective for me. This baby can arrive at any time now, and it's high time to slow down for that. It's helped me grow a backbone and put my foot down about work. I'm not done-done, but rather more like on 'standby' if a crisis should arise when they are writing the final report (due at the end of the month) and at that point I'll step in and help (if there's no baby yet), but thankfully they have been very respectful of my situation and Tom and I's wishes regarding my work hours. So, for all intents and purposes I am done. So much so that we applied to start maternity leave from the Qc government and I WAS APPROVED!! Praise God. The only province in Canada that lets self-employed parents access parental leave just like everyone else. (However, the calculations are based off annual income, and it pretty much goes without saying that I didn't make a whole lot last year, but the way it calculates out we get a bit more than the $0 we were anticipating, and I am ssooooo thankful for that!) Another reminder that 'somebody' is watching over us, paving the way that leads to things much better than we ever anticipated (or even planned).

That said, I do get carried away some days wishing labour would start (my mom's coming in this weekend, wouldn't it be cool for her to arrive to a newborn?!?!) and need to constantly remind myself that the Lord has perfect timing in everything. So, this morning I've gained a new focus, taken from Psalm 118:24:

For this is the day the Lord has made, (I will) rejoice and be glad in it.

Yes, it's time to bask in this time we have been given! Time for us as a couple, time for taking care of myself, time for resting, time for preparing... And I am very thankful for this time.


Eviction notice

Dear Baby,

Just so you know, our hospital only lets babies go one week past their due date before intervening. That means, as of today, you have one month to exit the premises on your own terms. If not, you will be removed by force.

Eagerly and anxiously awaiting your arrival (!!!),
Mommy and Daddy


Under 30 to celebrate under 30!

  1. My baby was transverse for nearly the entire pregnancy. Butt to the left, head on the right.
  2. He flipped (down in front!) at 34 weeks. I was getting a little worried he wasn't going to, but one Friday night when we were walking to the store *THUMP* everything felt different...
  3. Although he's head down, he still faces the right. He's going to be mighty proud of himself as to how many youth and young adults he's creeped out by trying to extend his foot through my abdominal wall!
  4. After last week's jolt, we've gotten a bit more serious about preparing for the babe. We even have a bit of a hospital bag taking form... Although there's a number of things we need to purchase for it yet. And to find an actual bag for the stuff. What's wrong with me?
  5. I couldn't sleep last night because I felt so unprepared. I shopped online for a few things... I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing that I did some mastercard damage at 2:30am.
  6. The car seat arrived (YAY!) and I absolutely love it. It goes with the awesome used stroller system we bought but wanted an unused car seat.
  7. The system also goes with the (e-bayed!) bassinet I got for my birthday. We went with the Orbit Baby system. Super awesome!! I want to take it for a walk (more than just around and around the house!!) but Tom won't let me. He thinks it will creep out the neighbors. Is a pregnant woman taking an empty stroller for a walk that creepy? Okay, so maybe I should wait then...
  8. Tom set up the crib last night. That was pretty surreal... A crib is where a baby sleeps, you know. Why is it in our house??
  9. A random lady (met through a conversation on Kijiji) gifted me 6 tiny gDiapers. How cool is that?!?!? She packed them in a gift bag and everything.
  10. My mom is booked to come visit not this weekend but next. She wants to be here and see me ubber pregnant. She also wants to make a few meals for the freezer while here. How cool is THAT??!?!!
  11. Yesterday the landlord, who was shouting so his comments could be heard over the snow blower he was pushing, told me "WOW, you sure are gaining weight!" I playfully responded "nooo..." to which he replied, "Well, you're fat!"
  12. I don't think I will be paying the rent next month.
  13. I think the baby loves music, especially if people are signing along to it. He kicks and squirms around...
  14. Tom thinks the baby hates when people sign along to music. He kicks and squirms around...
  15. I had such high hopes for all the projects I'd get done during the month of February. So far I've been banned to sitting on my tush for the most of it.
  16. It's not like the baby will mind that the tupperware cupboard isn't organized, but for some reason I just need it to be!
  17. Work isn't over with yet. Sigh. There seems to be a continual 'couple more hours left' and I have a feeling they won't truly end until the end of Feb when the project's due. It's probably a good thing to keep me occupied while on my tush. And it helps ease the 2:30am damage on the MC ;)
  18. I've been feeling a lot better over the past few days, and have even been let out of the house a few times. Good thing too, because..
  19. They're calling for a shower tonight ;) and I'm quite excited!!



Yesterday was quite exciting. Today I need to rest.

Yesterday we woke to the beginning of a major snow storm. (When they call for heavy snow in Montreal, they usually mean it!) Tom took the bus to work, I slept a little longer. Then I tried to get up... And realized something wasn't right. In the same moment Tom messaged me that he'd be coming home at noon for a snow day. Oh good! I thought, but noon wasn't going to be early enough...

I called him at work. He told me to call the clinic. The clinic told me to call the case room at the hospital. So I did. I described what was going on and they asked me to come in to confirm that there wasn't anything serious going on.

So, I showered and headed out into the storm.

It was nuts.

Whipping off a burried car and driving down a slow-moving freeway (with cars all over the ditch) is not my idea of a good time when my lower abdomen is screaming. It took over a half an hour to get to Tom's work, then another 15 min to the hospital from there.

We went to the case room. The nurse that was hooking me up to the monitor felt my stomach and said "Umm... Your contracting. Sweetheart, I think you're in labour."

Say WHAT?!

I told her we were only 35 weeks, she told me that if it's time, it's time. Then she asked if we brought our hospital bag. HA! We aren't even close to having one packed, never mind with us.

According to the monitors, our little man was doing just fine (what a relief!), but we were picking up contractions on the second monitor, thankfully(!!!) nothing rhythmic and they tended to die off once I was laying down for a few minutes. But once I got up, there they'd be again!

They detected red blood cells and lymphocytes in my urine, sign of a possible infection (which could explain all the symptoms). Then the doctor checked to see if I was dilating; I was at 1/2cm... So they asked me to stay a few hours and they'd check me again. If I progressed, we'd be sent home to pack a bag. We went for lunch at the caf, then hobbled back to the labor and delivery ward for the verdict. Thankfully, I hadn't progressed over the previous 3 hours.

The pattern of pain-upon movement perplexes them as much as it does us... We were sent home and ordered to follow simple logic: If it hurts when you get up and move around, then stay put. The doctor told us I'd have to take it very easy, or there may be a chance this babe will come way sooner than planned... and we need him in there for at least another 2 weeks!!

So Tom has banned me to the upstairs (where the bedrooms and washroom is). He went back to work this afternoon after supplying my bedside with all that I'd need for the next few hours. I'm not allowed to go downstairs today (I probably don't want to see the dishes anyway!).

We're going to take this one day at a time, because we all know it's probably better for baby to be 'in' than 'out'.

Yup, yesterday was pretty exciting. Today I need to rest.