We're back in Montreal once again.

And looking forward to settling in this time!

More to come.... No, like seriously... I'll blog again, I promise.


Yeah, the similarities are uncanny...

Tom and I just finish a presentation to the entire organization about who we are and where we're from... A man from the audience approaches us after we finish speaking:

Audience man to Tom: Wow, so you're like that really nerdy
guy from the Red Green Show!

Tom to Audience man: Um, I guess...


Random Jibber Jabber

I stole the blog title from Sonya.

Sometimes life is waaaaay easier when it offers fewer options. But who wants easy anyways, right?

I'm in my 11th week of pregnancy...Which means I'm 10 weeks pregnant. But I'm all about reporting it using the higher number.

We've seen our baby twice now. It's the cutest little kidney-bean-shaped-thingy I've ever seen... Seeing and hearing it's heart beat on week 5 (that's only 3 weeks gestation!) was miraculous to us.

At this moment we're still in Colorado Springs, trying to make some really big decisions. And I'm constantly trying not to puke.

While in Montreal, we lived in our apartment for three nights... We lent our place to someone who needed a place to stay while we're away, so as of today, our friend has stayed more nights in our place than we have... And he has used our stuff more than we have all year... Funny thought.

From here we will fly to Winnipeg (Yay!) for a quick trip to see the families... Tom's brother is getting married on the 28th and Tom is the best man. We both just adore his brother and are so very happy for him. We're pretty big fans of marriage, ya know.

I'm wondering if anyone would be up for helping me with my hair on the morning of Saturday, the 28th? Haven't been feeling the beautifulest lately (feeling like a sausage in your own clothes just does that), so I'm looking forward to doing a little something with the locks for the wedding.

Our hotel room smells like cigarette smoke... Blah!

Although stainless steal pots and pans may look pretty, some aren't the best to cook with... And they often sure don't look pretty after I've cooked with them.

HCJB officially extended us an invitation to join their team in "serving with partners around the globe as the voice and hands of Jesus." That's a pretty exciting deal. Tom and I conditionally accepted... We need to talk to a few peeps before anything becomes more official than that.


Guess what!?!


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Looks like more blog fodder's a comin',
and I couldn't wait to tell you!

Yes, we're pregnant!

Alright ladies, now tell us all your tips!