My mom comes to visit (for a week!) tomorrow!

I have a few things planned, like shopping, and dinners, and Mount Royal and stuff. But she has a few things planned too... Like painting the baby's room, filling it with a few cute things, and making rice-paper spring rolls!!!!

How do moms get to be so cool?

I could do a month's posting on the times that my mom had my back. Growing up, she was my best friend. From times that I was bullied in elementary school, to being heart broken by some boy in high school, she was there. Then, even though we were living in different cities, she was with me through every university exam, first-day of new jobs, and when I received my acceptance letter from NSERC for a full scholarship to grad school. She was the one I would call and pace the floor talking to about this guy I was working with, trying to work out why I was falling so fast for him... She was the one I flew up the stairs to call at midnight of March 2nd, 2007, after arriving home from the most important date of my life. She was sleeping when I called, but when she heard it was me, she said "Just a sec, I'm getting up!" You see, she already knew. Tom had asked her (and my father) for my hand in marriage a few days prior.

She bought me the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen to wear on my wedding day. She came into the city to help us pack the uHual to move to Montreal. (We cried so much that day!) But I'll never forget when I was unpacking in Montreal, feeling a million miles away, stuffed inside the packed microwave was a super-cool hard-to-find drip meatloaf pan, and a hand-written card with my mom's meatloaf recipe on it (her meatloaf rocks!) . So, not only was she there supporting us in the move, she was also planing ahead for those hard moments we'd face once getting to the other end, where she wasn't going to be.

I know that if I tun out to be half the mom my mom is, my son's gonna be alright... :)


Dear technology, I heart you.

With friends and family now spanning over continents (never mind straight across this one great big country), it's nice to be able to catch up for a few hours with a girlfriend provinces away ... Or phone a friend for a few seconds while prepping bread dough.

How did people survive long-distance without the phone?

And now Skype is entering that same category - being a world shrinker and all. How else would you be able to see your parents' faces after dropping the bomb on them that they are going to be grandparents, when you aren't even on the same continent as them... And for free?

Phones, texting, instant messaging, e-mails, e-cards, blogs, facebook,.... Oh technology, I heart you. Thank you for keeping me connected to those back 'home', because we are starting to have a few of those!!


Well, that was fun!

Blogtober, in my humble opinion, was a huge success!

Not only did four bloggers entertain us on a daily basis - yay Tiffany, Sonya, and Pamela! (I'm not sure if I count, I used the automatic posting tool for days I was without internet...) - but also a few of those who did set out to blog everyday, did indeed succeed at blogging a whole lot more than usual for the month of October, good work gals! And I couldn't help but notice that even a few of you weren't interested in the challenge, still blogged more than usual, awesome! We even have a new Blogger, welcome! And the number of comments per post are at an all-time high. Nice!

For me, Blogtober was great for cultivating my thoughts for posts and getting reconnected with all of you. For readers, apparently, it was refreshing to read something new everyday and made it easier to remember to check up on us.

I hope you've enjoyed the past 31 days as much as I have (even though it was challenging at times!) and that you, too, have developed a habit of remembering to stay in touch!