it's great to be home

Leaving Winnipeg was tough. Being there for so long led to deepening of relationships and rekindling of old ones. We are so appreciative for the time we were able to spend there for those very reasons. Oh yeah, and Jay got to spend a lot of time with the fams :)

The road home was a bit rough at first, then we settled into a grove and the rest of the trip went swimmingly. Which is really cool considering there was an infant in the car.

Our time in Elkhart was very insightful. I am looking forward to seeing how God leads from here. We're all ears!

But being home? Being home has been WONDERFUL! Here's a few things that I'm really digging about being back:
  • Apparently I own more than the 4 shirts!
  • Being able to sleep in my own bed.
  • Getting to make a mess and not feel guilty that I made a mess in someone else' place.
  • Not being so concerned that Jay will out grow ALL of his clothes. I now realize we have buckets of larger sized clothes. Before we were limited to what was in the suitcase.
  • Getting to wear warmer clothes. When we left it was beautiful (+25!) out and although I tried to pack appropriate gear, space was tight to cover summer, fall, AND winter.
  • Getting to use my new winter coat. I snagged this awesome down-filled long winter jacket at a garage sale this past summer for $5. Problem is, the weather is too nice right now to sport it. Soon enough I'm sure, right?
  • Jay gets to sleep in HIS room! It was during the trip that we started putting him to bed in a separate room from ours, so this is the first time he's sleeping in his very own room. I love his room and it warms my heart to see him using it. I think I should post a pic...
  • Making dinner. I love to cook for my family and I get to again.
  • Montreal's Kijiji. There's something about a population of 3 million that leads to some great deals.
  • Our church family. It was so nice to see (most) everyone again this past Sunday.



Sweet home :)

homeward bound

Today is the last lag of our journey. It's been over 10 weeks and 10 thousand kilometers and we could be happier to have taken this trip.

We are so thankful the Lord orchestrated all the details for it to happen, for keeping us safe along he way, and for teaching us lessons we needed to learn. We are also so thankful that home is nearly in sight :)


Updated Christmas wish list

If anyone cares to know ;)

It's here.

With links for your viewing pleasure!

Back in Canada, but not for long

Crossed the border into Canada from Detroit to Windsor last night. We are making really good time. Going to be home a day early at this rate!

Today we have a few meetings in Cambridge, going to stay the night there with friends then head home to Montreal tomorrow. It will be a loooong day of driving, but we may make it all the way if Jonathan continues to be the trooper he has been in the car. Yay Johnny!

Thankfully he adjusted well to being on the road. The first two nights weren't so hot, at all, but it's been drastically better ever since. I think it was more us that needed to adjust to his needs while on the road. Thank goodness we've figured it out a bit, because the traveling isn't going to end soon. December will be a busy month for us. With Tom returning to work in January and a plan for our future beginning to take shape, we realize that this may one of our last opportunities to visit our friends in Costa Rica. Yes, we are returning. And soon. We fly in less than 2 weeks!



In Elkhart

Chicago was fantastic! And for those of you who thought the museum was an odd choice for us, you need to know that it was all about an umbrella. An umbrella that was a long time in the making. I'll tell ya all about sometime. Just not tonight. I'm tired.



Day 3 - Southern bound and lovin' it

The weather has been dramatically better now that we're heading south. Thank goodness! That stormy stuff is awful to drive through.

Currently we're in the car (big surprise, I know) about 2 hours outside Chicago. We loved Chicago last time we were through and are really looking forward to the next few days in the area. We are ahead of schedule road-trip wise, so we get to slow down and take it relatively easy today and tomorrow and still get to Elkhart on schedule (we have meetings there throughout Tuesday and Wednesday).

We have big plans for today in the Windy City. First up: The Museum of Contemporary Art. Hey!! Why are you so surprised?


Day 2 on the road, bleary-eyed and stormy

I'm glad I basked in Johnny's awesomeness yesterday, because I sure wasn't last night. I'm also really glad we got a good night's rest before hitting the road, because we sure didn't last night.

It's also storming. Blah!

So far I can say with certainty that road trips in late September are far better than road trips late November.


first day down, quite a few to go

Johnny was a CHAMP today! Not only did he sleep over 12 hours last night (a round of applause, please!!!) he was a dream passenger in the car today. Three 1 hourish naps plus contented self amusement (plus a few minutes of mommy in the backseat for entertainment, plus 2 pit-stops) gave us a little over 530 kms and a crossed border. Yay Johnny!

Don't worry, I'm FULLY aware his awesomeness in the car can come to a grinding hault tomorrow. I figured I'd bask in it while it lasted.

We are currently nestled into a hotel suite. Naturally, Johnny is fast sleep in the bedroom, his little travel crib parked beside the comfy king size bed that will remain undisturbed... Tom and I have set up camp on the lumpy hide-a-bed in the living room side. The price you pay for not joining in on a 7:30pm bedtime.

C'est la vie, eh?

On the road again

After an amazing sleep last night we packed up the car and ourselves and headed out this morning. We're trying to get ahead of a snowstorm that is set to cross the northern states this weekend.

Please pray for safe travels (and looong naps in the car for Johnny!)

It was so great to see you all!!!!


Christmas wish list

Over on Pamela's blog she's started a Christmas wish list for anyone who's interested. I'm not nearly as organized as her to have pictures/specifics on the items, nor do I expect a gift from anyone, but it could be fun to dream none the less.

  • A cute apron. Sorry, don't have any additional details other than 'cute'.
  • Sewing skills... Hhmm... Is there such as a thing as a Sewing for Dummies book? (Apparently there is!) I have access to a good machine, just no idea how to operate it.
  • A new bread maker. One that makes horizontal loaves. I should blog about the current state of my bread maker.
  • Cloth/fabric shopping bags. I'm going to try and go plastic bagless next year. I may need a few of these to have some here, there, and everywhere so I can accomplish my goal.
  • Tuition (and time) for a photography course. This is waaaaaaaay up there on my wishlist, just don't know how it can become reality.
  • One of those tall, large, red and white striped mugs currently being sold at Safeway for $4.99. They look perfect for a cappuccino!
  • Yoga pants from Lulu Lemon (for those of you who won the lottery this year). Specifically the Groove Pant in black, size six, tall. ;) A girl can dream, can't she?

  • Reusable snack bags, like these. As Jonathan is getting more into finger foods, these will be awesome for healthy snacks on the go. Available at most kid supply stores and eco-friendly shops. Including the Baby Bin Boutique on Corydon.

  • A subscription to Fluff of the Month club!! A brand new (guilt free!) cloth diaper in the mail once a month would be truly awesome! Plus it would take up no room at all in the suitcase back to Montreal after Christmas ;) A perfect gift for Candice!! (Or, for Jonathan, lol!) If you're interested, please check 'doesn't matter' for diaper type and JayJay is currently in the 16-22 pound category :)

  • A diaper sprayer. True luxury for a cloth diapering mama. I'd be thrilled with this!

  • Of course reusable produce bags would help round-out the plastic baglessness that I want to tackle in the new year.

Probably to be continued...

**Please note: Links are provided for reference only. Although I love the items in the links, they don't HAVE TO BE those exact items, know what I mean?


This one is for you, Deb

Just wanted to make sure there'd be something new here for you.


Today we said goodbye to Baba and Grandpa for the last time this trip :( We're currently in the car heading back to Winnipeg. The babe is sleeping, both Tom and I are quiet in thought. We will be continuing our journey back to Montreal this coming Friday. It's funny, I've been talking so big about itching to leave, but now that the time has come I don't really want to do it. Maybe I just knew this would be hard and didn't want to face that part.


First snow

Unlike Sonya and Pamela, I didn't take pictures. But I did think it was cute that they posted about the same thing only a few hours apart. This wasn't the first time they've done this. Nor will it be their last.

The snow was indeed beautiful this morning, but I couldn't help but think of the loooong ride home we have coming up and how much longer it may be if there's snow on the ground. I'm starting to get the itch to get on with it already. The snow just intensified it.


Sleep. Sweet succulent sleep.

How our evenings used to look:

Nurse, rock, rock, rock, carefully transfer to crib after he's (accidentally) fallen into a deep sleep. Sneak out of room.
Enjoy your next 15 minutes because they may be your last of the evening. Heck, maybe you should use them to brush your teeth then head to bed. Yes, it's only 8:00pm, but you have a loooong night ahead of you.
Baby wakes squawking, nurse, rock back to sleep, place in crib, sneak into bed. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.




Repeat. Oh! It's 7:00am already. That wasn't too bad, now was it?

How our evenings have been looking recently:

Give baby a bath, read a book or two, nurse, and rock till drowsy. Place in crib still awake, exit. Listen to a squawk or two in protest, then watch baby on monitor roll about in the crib and babble to himself for a few minutes. Then fall asleep on his own.

Baby wakes about 8 HOURS later for a quick feed, then goes back to sleep on his own without protest and stays there for almost 3 more hours.

Wake well rested, with renewed patience, and energy for the day.

Baby is better rested and is less likely to be an only child.


dates are set

Looks like we have a plan people!

The journey home begins November 18. I'd like to follow that with a sad face :( and a happy face :) We have lots of things to do before then, during then, and after then.

Things are shaping up, schedule is falling in to place, and I'm going to try to relax and enjoy the ride.


8 months

Ummm.... Anyone have a baby gate I can borrow?