road trip, in numbers

15 hundred kilometers
9 shopping centers
8 more cloth diapers
7 dining out experiences
6 historic landmarks
5 new relatives I now call friends
4 nights on the road
3 of the united states
2 breakfasts in bed via room service
1 fantastic family vacation to the eastern seaboard!

Pics and details to come!!!


First (official) Father's Day

Although last father's day we already had an inkling... This father's day was the first official one for Tom.

{Side note: Hard to believe this giggling, goofy 14 pound boy grew from two single cells over the past 12 month. God is amazing!}

Thank you Tom for being the incredible man you are.
I couldn't ask for a better husband and Jonathan couldn't possibly find a better daddy.



Dear ACS,

Dear Air Canada Stike,

I asked nicely, and you complied.

Thank you.



Dear Air Canada Strike

Dear Air Canada Strike,

Thank you for adding a little drama to our trip. Possibly not making it home for father's day is just the excitement I was looking for.

Now please exit promptly with a fair outcome for all.

I hope to not see you Saturday,
Candice (and Baby J)


Breast feeding

Breast feeding,
... In my mind, was the (only) ideal for us.
... Was researched and read about.
... Was the topic of numerous prenatal classes I attended. I wanted to be ready.
... For me, was the greatest source of apprehension surrounding childbirth and becoming a mother.

Breast feeding,
...Was disastrous at the beginning.
... And then got worse.
... Was the source of a lot of tears, a lot of challenges, a lot of frustration, and sadly, a lot of pain. For weeks.

Breast feeding,
... Was still my desire.
... Was something I never gave up on.
... Was something my husband fully supported me in.
... Was something we sought (a lot!) of help for.
... Was something we threw a lot of resources at.
... Was the topic of many of my prayers.
... Improved.

Breast feeding,
... Got easier.
... Is going well.
... Is bonding time with my baby, is total nourishment for his body, is comforting to my little guy, is perfectly designed, is amazing, and is so worth all of the challenges we went through.

We are now over the half way mark to 6 month of exclusive breast feeding!! I can now say with confidence that WE WILL MAKE IT. And that feels soooo good.


thrifty homemaking

A wise woman once told me that when she had small children at home, her husband's responsibility was to bring home the bacon and her responsibility was to stay home with the kids and ensure that the family didn't spend more than he made.

I think that's fantastic team work.

I was also warned on a blog once that cloth diapering may lead to crunchiness in other aspects of homemaking. And let me tell you, it does. In addition to cloth diapering, I also use reusable wipes (cheap face-clothes) with a homemade wipe solution. Both are super easy, environmentally friendly, and definitely cost effective.

Since I've been spending a lot more hours in the home lately, I've been thinking a lot more about the environmental (and, let's not kid ourselves, the economical) impact our everyday homemaking purchases have. These thoughts, coupled with my addition to being frugal when possible, have led to me brewing up all sorts of non-edible homemade goodies in the kitchen.

For example, I love my Swiffer Wet Jet, but when I was mopping the floor the other day, I cringed as I threw out yet another disposable (and costly) mop pad. I thought to meself: I wash diapers for crying out load! Certainly there's some way I can create a washable mop pad for this thing!

And so it started:

The quest for homemade cleaning products and supplies.

I've since made my own washing machine detergent, dishwasher detergent, and a tub scrub. Yay! I've also earmarked recipes for homemade Swiffer wet jet cleaner and an all purpose cleaning spray.

The joy? Most this stuff is made from the same basic (and super cheap!!) ingredients.

An added bonus? I find myself cleaning a lot more (and excited to do so).

Who would have thought!?!


3 Months

In 3 short months, you've made me a mom.

In 3 short months, you've smiled, cried, cooed, and giggled.

In 3 short months...

you've absolutely stolen my heart.