Photo Challenge Day 25 ~ Home

I know it's cheesy, but Tom is my home. No matter where we are living, what we are doing, or where we are going, so long as he is with me, I'm home.


Photo Challenge Day 24 ~ Artwork

Pic to come, will take tomorrow. Jonathan coloured his first ever picture for Daddy's birthday. He was beside himself with pride!


Photo Challenge Day 23 ~ Animal

Sam, my sweetheart, and Sonia, the sidekick I gave him for company when I became too busy to be home as much as he needed me to be (translation: started dating Tom).


Photo Challenge Day 22 ~ Something Old

A well experienced cheese farmer in Costa Rica.
I can't help but love the lighting on this shot.


Photo Challenge Day 21 ~ Something New

A new, unbreakable, father-son bond.


Photo Challenge Day 19 ~ Something I Drew

A gasp of air.

No, I'm not pregnant. This was our first realization of Jonathan.


Photo Challenge Day 19 - Hobby

Buying, selling, trading, reviewing and, well, using cloth diapers.

Is anyone surprised?


Photo Challenge Day 18 - Written Words

Beautiful written words of encouragement and advice from those we love the most. Yes, these are our wedding cards. And I've kept them aaaaaaaaall of them for nearly 5 years! Every so often (usually in the middle of a move) I find them, and sit and leaf through them - loving the care that went into them and the wonderful advice they provide. I'm usually not one to hang on to things for sentimental value, but I don't see these being recycled any time soon.


Photo Challenge Day 17 ~ Trees

Beautiful Costa Rican trees. *Sigh*

And see that thin line running from the bottom right to top left (ish)? That was out first of many cables on a zip lining tour. *Big Sigh*

I love Costa Rica.


Photo Challenge Day 16 ~ Self Portrait

How would a self-portrait be complete without my awesome sidekick?! This also serves as an update to the Pea in a Pod taken last July. My how time flies.

And, umm, it's kind of tricky taking a photo of yourself with a baby on the hip. Please excuse the poor composition and focal points!


Photo Challenge Day 15 - My weakness

Okay, okay. This one isn't my photo - but it is my weakness and I don't have any around for a shot (surprise, surprise?)

Tomorrow: Self portrait


Photo Challenge Day 14 - Favorite Colour

I love all sorts of colours, and it usually depends on the item... But red is often high on the list.


Photo Challenge Day 13 - Water

I know. I actually missed posting this on one time. lol

This photo is of an HCJB fresh water project we had the honor of visiting while serving in Ecuador two summers ago. This day - with all it's joy, hard work, and come-tegoetherness-to-make-a-difference-in-the-community - had such a powerful effect on me that no words can describe. This photo is of the members of the community, working together, to hand dig a trench for he new water pipeline.


Photo Challenge Day 12 ~ Where I ate breakfast

Okay, so this wasn't from this morning's breakfast (obviously) because I forgot. But I ate breakfast here none the less!


Photo Challenge Day 11 ~ Black & White

Fantastic memories with fantastic friends :)


Photo Challenge Day 10 ~ Summertime!

Jonathan and I have been having a blast hitting up all the splash pads and kiddie pools around the neighborhood. Yay summertime!!


Photo Challenge Day 9 ~ Hands

The night of our engagement - March 2, 2007 :)

Photo Challenge Day 8 ~ Books

We read a lot of (children's) books in this house. But not one of them compares to the amazing busy book Jonathan received for his 1st birthday from his grandmother. It's a very special book, for a very special boy, received on his special day. Love it.

Tomorrow? Hands


Photo Challenge Day 7 - Toes

One of my most favoritest photos ever. October 28th, 2007. The day after our wedding.

Tomorrow: Transportation.


Photo Challenge Day 5 ~ Filthy

A sand box and water table on the back deck makes for a lot of fun. And a lot of baths.

Tomorrow: Toes!


Photo Challenge Day 4 ~ Clean

Jay and Tom in a friend's pool earlier this summer. The first thing I thought of was "Wow, that pool is so CLEAN!"

Tomorrow: Filthy!


Photo Challenge Day 3 ~ Lunch

I had all sorts of intent to take a pic at lunch today - but alas, I couldn't resist posting this little cutie with pizza on his shoulder.

Tomorrow's theme: Clean


Photo Challenge Day 2 - Street

Maybe I didn't take it recently, but I did indeed take it :)

Tomorrow? Lunch!


Photo Challenge Day 1 ~ Maple leaf

please remind me

The photo challenge starts tomorrow (well, technically today, but I have to go to bed before I can actually call it tomorrow. But then I'll call it today. But whatever, you know what I mean).

If you don't see a pic on here by the end of the day PLEASE TEXT OR EMAIL me to remind me.

That would be swell..... No, I didn't plan ahead at all.