workin' in

I know, it's been a bit quiet around these parts. Between gearing up for our big announcement with HCJB Global and me working again part-time (I know, I know  I said I was done. I really thought I was going to be too! Why am I so naive?!) there hasn't been a lot of extra time. And lately blogging time seems to be going to writing reviews. I love writing reviews... Sigh.

My parents were visiting too, did I mention that?! The visit was awesome. Even awesomer is us coming to Manitoba for a visit again real soon.  Like next week real soon!


awesome weekend

I had a fantastic weekend. Most weekends around these parts are great, but this one just took the cake. Participating in a Guinness World record and sporting a bridesmaid dress (again!) makes for a pretty good day.

Friday - sushi date night with Tom. I love paydays. 

Saturday - The Great Cloth Diaper Change! Thousands of parent-baby pairs from 16 countries participated in an effort to break the world record of number of little bums simultaneously changed into reusable diapers. Why? To promote the environmental alternative to disposable diapers of course. All around the world at 12:30pm (EST) on April 21, 2012 we attempted to break the record... I can hardly wait to find out if we did! It was load, a bit chaotic, and loads of fun. We all received great loot bags too. I love free stuff.

Can you spot Waldo? I'll give you a hint, you can't see Waldo's mommy.

And here's Global TV's raw footage of the event:

Saturday night we had a fabulous dinner. One of the youth from our church had a class project of hosting a dinner party. She researched dishes to make, cost of ingredients, how to properly set the table, make and serve a meal, etc. Tom and I were honoured to be the guests of honour! So we dressed up for the occasion. 

Yes, that's a Winnie the Pooh tie. No, it's not really his.

A huge thank you to the crew of baby-sitters that tagged team so Johnny could stay home and sleep. You guys are awesome! And so was the food. 

Sunday was church and family day. Days of sticking around home and spending time with those you love the mostest are the bestest.

And now it's Monday. If April showers bring May flowers, May is going to be very flowery!


if you happen to come across this:

Please buy it for me. 
I'll love you forever. 


guinea pig

I sold bodily excretions to make a little spending money during my undergrad years, so it really isn't surprising that Jonathan has already been a subject in two research trials at the ripe age of 13 months.

Yesterday we headed downtown to McGill's infant development center where we took part in a psychology study on perception. Jonathan was hard at work watching a puppet show while sitting on mommy's lap.  Unfortunately for the researchers one of the puppets was a yellow duck. The moment it appeared on stage my mind screamed BIAS! and wished them luck in whatever it was they were actually looking for. He growled loudly (a form of affection, I assure you) and pointed vigorously at the duck. HA!

He still got a new sippy cup for his participation and was presented with a certificate for a BSc in Infant Science. If watching a puppet show is all he had to do for his first degree, then I'm a real sucker for what I had to do for mine.