Photographing Love

I had the amazing opportunity to be the photographer in three weddings this past week!!!

The local mission hosted a community wedding to wed those who have been living together and have since come to the Lord, and want their relationship to be bonded in Holy Matrimony. Three couples were wed... What a testament!

The community chipped in to make the wedding possible... Often people here don't get married simply because they can't afford it, and a few of these couples couldn't. Wedding clothes were rented, borrowed, or sewn... All guests brought food to share, everyone chipped in for the cake, lawyer costs, etc.

It was amazing. A real community effort to help these couples become husbands and wives!

Tom and I offered to be the photographers for the wedding... Our gifts to the couples are printed photos of their special day... I can hardly wait to share these with them!

And this was Sunday, February 14th... How romantic!!



The convo went a little something like this...

Tom: (Just after hanging up the phone...): "Wow. Guess who's translating at the woman's conference you are going to this week?"

Me: "Who?"

Tom: ...



Wordless Wednesday

The belated version.


What's eating you this morning?

Not too sure...

Just one of the joys of working in the tropics.


Nope, it didn't hurt as much as last year, and it was super neat that we didn't have to crank the apartment thermostat!