How he looked when he heard the news...

That we get to see (ultrasound) pictures of Baby tomorrow!!


Random Ramblings

My 'garden' is (finally) in. It's only a few herbs and tomatoes this year... One day we will have a real garden, but until then I shall practice in planters.

We're almost half way to baby #2 (20 weeks this Sunday!). That also means our big ultrasound is coming up, I'm anxiously awaiting Monday afternoon!

Jonathan is growing in leaps and bounds. He amazes me everyday with what he can do and what he can say! It's also amazing how much easier it is on my heart that he is growing up, knowing there is another baby on the way.

I haven't been writing here much, but I have been guest blogging elsewhere. I really enjoy guest blogging, especially when given a topic and offered something in exchange for the article. Can't beat being paid for something you enjoy doing!

The weather has been wonderful. Brilliantly bright and hot days spread out by rain and mid-temperatures. It's great to enjoy the summer heat but with days to cool off the house in between! It also varies our diet. Hot days=salads and wraps of sorts, mild temp and rain means hearty food from the oven.

Speaking of food, now that the nausea is (almost!) under control, we're back to eating real food. According to the grocery bill, I'm making up for lost time.

I'm really looking forward to our Manitoba trip at the end of the month. We haven't been there since Christmas (and won't be again until Christmas). I miss family. I especially miss opportunities for Jonathan to be with our family.

It looks like we won't be moving houses before moving to the states. The 3 bedroom that was supposed to become available hasn't yet and we are kind of running out of time. That means the 4 of us will be here for a few months. It will be... crammed cozy. 

We took a road trip to Elkhart (did I even mention that previously on this blog? Yikes, I don't think so). I wrote about it on our missions blog, here.  The trip was super awesome. We can HARDLY wait to get there permanently.

We will be launching a new website for our endeavour. Like, soon! Can hardly wait for a professional website to represent what we will be doing!