unwelcomed company - Part III

A FREAKIN MOUSE fell from the top of the staircase to the floor beside us when we were just chilling in the living room last night. Tom tried to chase him away... Mouse didn't even move! (which makes me think he has a disease of some sort)... I freaked out. While Tom caught him I looked up an exterminator and told Tom we were LEAVING until this place was clean. (you know, we'd WALK to a hotel because our car is still in the shop).

Then, out of desperation (from the mice and his freaking out wife), Tom opened the front door: The cat was sitting right there! Missing for days and had returned for this pivotal moment!  I started praying out loud for the cat to come inside... She stood up, and promptly walked inside. PRAISE THE LORD! 

This morning an exterminator came. Extra point for me. 

We will eventually sleep again. Right? 


my excuse for lack of blogging

We've got company, Part 2

So a friend had pity on me and lent me their cat. I was excited, so was Jonathan. We both love cats. The cat came, enjoyed our house for a few hours, then escaped. Crap.

So now I still have my mouse problem (though Tom did trap one) and now I'm missing a friend's cat. Awesome.



We've got company.

I was up late a few nights ago chatting away on Facebook. Along with the clicking of the keyboard... I heard clicking in a nearby closet. Eek! I quickly said goodnight to Facebook and ran upstairs, pouncing on Tom, whispering in a not so calm voice that I think I heard a mouse.

A day later, our dishwasher broke. It began spewing the water that was supposed to go into the wash basin all over the kitchen floor. Joy.... But it wasn't PURE joy, until Tom took it apart and found traces of mouse. Ack. The 'good news'? The hose had simply been flicked out of place (you know - because *something* had been using it as a way up to the counter.) Easy fix for the washing machine, but less sleep at night for Candice.

Then last night, since we were still firmly in denial, Tom looked up from his laptop to see A FREAKIN MOUSE! on the kitchen floor.

I, of course, jumped up on a chair.

I'm still there now.