Welcome, Benjamin!

And THREE became FOUR!

A HhUuGgEe congratulations to Magda and Jason on their beautiful new baby boy, Benjamin; born yesterday, at 12:30pm, and weighing in just over 7lbs...

It was such a privilege being one of the first to know and to walk with you over the last 8.5months!! Congrats again, he is beautiful!!!!!
You two, three, four rock!


All I have to say is...






You may not have to hear about my university woes any longer.




A little perspective

My girlfriend M: "I'm sooo sorry, I can't make it to your defense on Thursday! I had to call and tell you right away."

Me: "That's okay. Why, what's up on Thursday?"

M: "My doctor scheduled my C-section for the morning. At 10:00! It's the exact same time as your presentation! I'm really sorry. This sucks because I also can't go to my friend's birthday party on Saturday. I tried to rebook for Monday, but my husband said Thursday is better considering Pat leaves start on Sundays."

So while I encroach on death Thursday morning, M will be giving birth.

I love it!

Me: "That is the best excuse I've ever heard!"

Now things are gettin' official!

"Welcome Back Everyone,

We will be holding an early Colloquium M.Sc. Applied Project Presentation on:

Thursday, August 27th, 10:00 a.m. in R2-045.

Candice Scatliff - M.Sc. Applied student

Supervised by Dr. Kristine Koski and Dr. Marilyn Scott

Candice is finishing her M.Sc. Applied degree this summer, therefore she needs to present before our regular Colloquium series begins. The abstract for her presentation is attached."

{Sent to everyone in the faculty...This is really happening!!! GASP!}

Tom's translation of the last section:
"Candice is finishing her M.Sc. Applied degree this summer so that she can go practice in the actual field and not pay any more student fees, therefore she needs to present before our regular Colloquium series begins."


It's hot, hOt, HOT!

humidex: 41 degrees

I'm not ready to go into acclimatization training this early!!


Part II

If you read the post "The Power of (Verbal) communication" you're ready for this.

If not, read *this*, and then the post below it.


A day for the history books.

*UPDATE below

Today, a few days early and with confidence, I marched over to the graduate department of the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, at McGill University in Montreal, and formally submitted the documents that make up the final third of my degree.


It is in.

And now it's time for a cocktail on a water-front patio in Ste-Anne's!!!

Then it will be time to get crackin' on the grand finale presentation.
To be reviewed Tuesday.... To be presented to the department and defended on 27th...

!!Also, everyone wish Tom *good luck* with his open-water exam for his Scuba Diver's license this weekend!!!


The momentous event was celebrated with nothing less than mac'n cheese with BBQed hot dogs for dinner, a walk down the boardwalk, and shared ice cream on the water front for dessert.

Yes, we live on the wild side.

Vote Rigging

Do you know how many computers I had to find, to rig the sidebar vote? And I still only managed a tie!

The power of (verbal) communication

It is a well-known and previously discussed point that I am the primary 'dishwasher-correspondent' in this household. I load it, I run it, I empty it. This is fact. It is also fact that I would never want to trade for one of Tom's man duties, such as having to install it, or clean the clogged lines.

I can whip those dishes out of there and another load back in and get the party started in a matter of 4 minutes. I've timed it. Four minutes would be the same time as a commercial break... Which would only really matter if we own a T.V... and T.V. channels. But I digress.

Where was I? Oh right: Day-to-day dishwasher duties: mine. Manly, gross,take-all-afternoon stuff: His.

So, being the primary dishwasher girl, I take pride in my job. I know what cycle works best for what dirty products I so decide to shove inside and balance these needs against my desire to save the planet and only use the minimum amount of energy possible. I also know how to pack things in just-so in order to have them fit, remembering which items are only allowed to go in the top rack... etc.

I take pride in my duties, I'll have you know.

Now, knowing all this background info, you can probably relate to my minor irritation that started to build a month or two after we moved into our new (second) apartment. You see, I'd happily unload, load, and then go to start the dishwaher just o find that ... GAH!.... "someone" changed the settings. Garg! I do not use the drying feature. In my cheap economical mind, the hot water will evaporate on it's own and there is no need to heat the apartment with the humidness from the dishwasher elemts drying the dishes. But no, no, no, I would find this feature to be turned to the "ON" position. AND, if that wasn't enough to kill me, 'Pots 'N Pans' would also be on. GASP!!!

I would, seriously, have to consciously move my thoughts from:
"Why does he do that! If he wants his way with the settings and how the dishes are done, why can't he tell me or, better yet, help!"


"Oh, that's nice, he's trying to help."

This went on for months. Honestly, months. It didn't happen everytime, just once every two weeks or so. Jsut often enough to remind me about it... And have it seep under the skin .

So, one day when Tom was with me in the kitchen and I went to set the dishwasher and saw it was set to Pots 'n Pans with the Dryer on, I let out one of those "now famous" sighs of mine.

C: "WHY do you do THAT?" (pointing)

T: "What?"

C: "I don't like using the dryer, it heats the apartment and wastes energy. I wipe the dishes when they come out, if needed. And, I seldom put pots or pans in there, it's a waste of a cycle so don't set it to that cycle. If you don't like how the dishwasher is set, and therefore the way I do the dishes, quit passive aggressively changing the settings, and actually tell me."

The look on Tom's face was evident; he had no idea the dishwasher had different settings. Or why I was looking at him with piercing squinted eyes.

T: "I don't touch that thing. Not unless you ask me to clean the line or something, otherwise I don't touch it."



So who in the world is changing my dishwasher settings and trying to "passive aggressively" kill me when my husband isn't home to defend himself ?

To Be Continued... HERE

Oh Leanon!

A while ago, hubby and I were hanging in the kitchen, waiting for water to boil for some diner concoction. We had virgin pineapple margaritas in hand, were talking about the day, and having fun. I leaned against the counter for support from laughter, and heard a faint...Click.

It was soft and barely noticeable.
And it probably wouldn't have been noticed, but considering we had this conversation a few days prior, silence fell over the kitchen. Tom and I looked at each other then at the dishwasher below the counter I just leaned against.

Smiles grew, and laughter brewed.

Yup, seems as though the culprit was me.

Lesson learned.




I like our life.


In Montreal.


I love it.

University, working from home, routine, community...

Ever growing church-family.

A place we really fit in.

Early mornings sending off my husband to work.

Heading to the couch to watch online news cast with coffee and breakfast in tote.

Working in my housecoat.

Lane swimming right across the street.

Car, English, family, friends.

High speed internet, affordable phone bill.

No international calls, bartering with garbage men, collecting used toilet paper in a trash can.

I like it.

It is our home.

But in two weeks, things turn up side down.


they have already started turning.

But I know I will like it then too.

But I know I will mourn the loss of routine, morning coffee on the couch, working in my housecoat, and not having to barter with the garbage man.

But I also know that these things are not the things that make life, life.

And we are not promised happiness, but given joyfulness if we follow the path we've been given.


"Minor Revisions"

In the words of Hes "BAHAHAHAHAHA"

I (finally!) received feedback on my project yesterday. Nearly a(n anxiety filled) week late but, in all honesty, I'm alright with the results. Okay, since I led off with "in all honesty" I guess I have to be honest: It went waaaaaay better than I expected!!!! Whoo-hooo!

I received an e-mail on Monday from one of the supers asking me to come to her office (gulp!) so we can discuss the 'minor revisions' that had to be made. I refrained from jumping-for-joy considering this came from the same proff who referred to writing a literature review as "a weekend activity'. Tiffany would probably agree; that must have been a joke.

So, I met with said visor yesterday, reviewed the (413,612) 'minor' revisions to be made. And yes, I agree, most are minor. I'm not so eager to agree with "...which should only take you a day to edit." Need I remind you, lady, that I am a peon graduate student, whereas you are a renowned doctor in your area of expertise? What you qualified as a 'weekend' activity, I took 2 weeks to pump out. I'm not so sure "1 day" with do the trick. Unless you are referring to 24 hours.

That said, we've agreed on setting MONDAY, AUGUST 17th, 2009 as the submission deadline for my last, ultimate, final, this-is-it, the-moment-I've-long-awaited submission day for my project. That's 5 days away. Double gulp.

But that day will go down in history, folks.

However, the very next day I am to meet with her again and show her a complete, fully drafted/put together & practiced PowerPoint presentation for my big kahuna presentation scheduled for AUGUST 27th, 2009; the day this whole graduate thing will come to a close. THAT day is 15 days away. Triple gulp.

BUT, the fun won't actually end on the 27th. Oh, nonono! it will drag on into late September. Yay! You see, all the while editing my project, making the powerpoint, and practicing/presenting my final graduate project, I am expected to be working on drafting up a manuscript for publication in a research journal.

Risky to juggle them all at once? Yes, I agree. The method to my madness: Get my graduation requirements out of the way and submitted ASAP (before the smiles on my visors' faces fade after returning from their vacation time) and let them think I'm working on the manuscript (while moving out of the apartment, packing for Manitoba/Costa Rica, presenting at the church, running a fundraiser, invigilating exams,...), and actually mostly leaving it to be September's problem.

Yay for dragging things out!!

BUT, it's all coming together people.
This is happening.
I can hardly believe it!!!

I'm so excited. I love this!

I (may) be a graduated graduate student in 15 days!!!!!


A 'real' eye-roll???

During deep diner discussion and new-camera test-driving we came across the following inconsistencies in North American culture. We've now decided to turned to our blog readers to settle the following... Please watch video and vote on the sidebar.

(apparently 'image stabilization' can only compensate for so much)

So, is an eye-glance-to-the-side a *real* eye-roll???


Shameless self-promotion... The Continued plea

Deadline error: Today, August 6th, 2009 is actually the cut-off. Lucky you!

I'm not delusional, I now I really don't stand much of a chance... But someone has to win! Right?

Today is the last day to vote. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top???
It will take like, 3 minutes of your time.
Wouldn't it be fun if I did win, and it was because of you???