We are nearly busting at the seams to talk about the HUMONGO news we have (which most of you already know about) but alas, it still isn't ready for the world to read on the internet, so we wait... And completely neglect the blog because it just seems awkward to talk about anything else.

But I'll try...

We're back into the swing of life out east since returning from Manitoba earlier in May. I'm still working part-time at the Montreal Diet Dispensary and am loving that I get to work from home 95% of the time. When I do need to go to the office (about once a month for meetings) I'm so thankful they have a lovely nursery on site with fantastic ladies that dote on Jonathan while I'm busy. The little guy really enjoys going there.

I have a line-up of reviews to write for DiaperDeals.ca, and really enjoy the photography aspect of it, but dislike the post-processing.

Check out this cutie:

Speaking of photography, I took another short-course this past Saturday. It was an on-location type deal and I was excited to get some pointers on outdoor photo shoots... What I didn't expect was the theme to be 'fashion magazine'. Considering I have absolutely no sense of fashion and haven't purchased a magazine in well over a decade, I found the shoot to be challenging to sat the least. I think I got a few good shots though:

The model was much more co-operative than my usual one ;)

I have another course next week in studio photography; it's a private session and I get to bring my own studio lights - VERY much looking forward to that!

And there you have it. A blog post. Finally.


14 months

Jay has been developing in leaps and bounds these days. He even took his first independent steps from mommy's to daddy's arms this past Sunday April 29th. What a proud moment for us all!!

As of late he loves to clap, play peek-a-boo with everyone (even to the person behind us in line at the bank) and tells all sorts of stories with his babbles. He's developed this social laugh. It's hilarious. If I'm talking with someone and we laugh, he tilts his bald little head to the side and lets out 3 little hahahas to join in on the joke. So stinkin' cute.

He went to 'daycare' for the first time yesterday. I had a meeting at the office and he happily played with the caregiver and other babies in the nursery downstairs. He was a such a star. It seriously couldn't have gone better.

I know, I know. I haven't taken the camera out in a while. I've been too busy taking it all in to remember to stop and photograph it.