by golly, I'm gonna do it!

I'm going to get us to the library this morning! Finally!!

Yes, it's only 2 blocks from my house.  
Yes, it's open exclusively for young family use every Wednesday morning.
Yes, I'm usually too lazy and sloth-like in the morning to get us there on time. There. I admitted it.

But today's the day people!


Crunchier by the day

Ever since I was pregnant I've been giving more thought to the environment, especially that of our home. It's a slippery slope, to be sure. Once you start reading up on chemicals and toxins and realize how FULL our houses and lives are of these silent seepers then the more you are convicted to do something about it. Well, at least I am.

Yes I'm tempted to remain in my ignorant bliss, but it's the thought of Jonathan's exposure that makes me uneasy and unable to shake it from my head. But then there's that slippery slope again of becoming an uptight alarmist. I'm not a fan of uptight people, so I most definitely don't want to become one. But I do want to become more aware of the choices we have as consumers and use my purchases as a 'vote' for what I believe in. As consumers we drive what's available on the market. We also drive what kind of agricultural practices and ethical standards are used around the globe to produce or manufacture the things we are purchasing and bringing in to our homes.

But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe I don't need to jam everything on this topic into this one post but instead state that lately I've been giving more thought to the environment, especially that of our own home, and have been making new choices to reflect said thoughts. And as an added bonus we've been saving quite a bit of money in some areas... Which is super cool in itself... But then are also able afford the premium price of organics in other areas. All the while making better choices for our bodies, our home, and our earth.

Yup, I'm gettin' a little crunchy aren't I?


Yes, you're at the right place! CLICK HERE

Okay people, hang on to your hats! The renovations in Sonya's kitchen has inspired me to update the design of this blog. It's been years since I've done anything to it, so it's time. Please bear with me.

Oh, and give me your thoughts on it. You likey? Or is it just annoying?


been busy writting, just not here

My passion for all things cloth diaper is leading me in to new writing territory. In addition to writing reviews at Diaperdeals.ca (first and second review to be published *soon*) I may also be a frequent guest writer on a new cloth diapering blog. I'm very excited about this, and will let you know more as to why soon... But until that blog is officially launched it's not my place to talk about it.

However whenever any of my brilliant pieces of workwomanship are posted elsewhere I'll be sure to beg all (ten? lol) of you to go check 'em out and leave a response of some sort. Partly because I'm terribly nervous and partly because... Well, yeah, I'm terribly nervous.


Did you know?

Do you know how dryer sheets work?

I didn't.

I didn't give it much thought though, either.

Essentially they are sheets of fat with a coating - they're solid at room temperature, melt with the heat of the dryer, and spread a thin layer of fat on your clothes to reduce static conductivity and provide a smooth/slippery feel to the touch - which we interpret as soft(ner). Kind of gross, eh?

I have heard not to use these sheets with baby's clothes, which I thought was because of the strong scent and sensitive baby skin combo - but it's actually because the thin layer of fat increases the flammability of clothing. I kid you not, read the warning on the side of your little box next time you're laundering.

Also, I did not know that these little fat-spreaders reduce absorbency of fabric. Not exactly the best thing for towels... So I stopped putting in an extra sheet with the towels after finding that out during my research of all things cloth diaper before Jonathan was born.

Matter of fact, I stopped using dryer sheets all together. The thought of them weirds me out a little and I'm all for saving money by skipping things we don't need to use but use out of habit.

Anyone else have an odd fact for common household products they'd like to share?


Happy Valentine's Day

We made a valentine's day card today for Daddy, Granny, Papa, Baba, Grandpa and, especially, Great Granny.

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

This quote has been resonating with me a lot lately. Even if it's uncertain who actually said it first.


looks like mama ain't the only one

who loves the new washer!