In training

We are back in training with HCJB Global! You may remember that we spent some time in Colorado Springs in summer of 2010 (while I was deathly ill with 'morning' sickness all day long) to undergo training with the mission organization. Well, we are back at it! But this time we have a much better idea of what we will be up to and when that will be happening - more to come on that soon!

The training is so much easier this time around because (1) I'm not vomiting every hour and (2) we're doing it via distance (yay Skype!)



The house is clean and quiet. The baby is taking an afternoon nap and the laundry is drying on the line in the beautifully hot sun. I have a cappuccino in hand and a computer on my lap...

I should probably go grab the cookie bag to celebrate.



I plopped Jay down into his highchair for lunch. I had heated him some homemade organic Dahl (an Indian dish of spinach and lentils) and organic brown rice. Unlike usual, he would have nothing of it. He was in no mood for eating - not even a bite.  He wanted down right now!!!

Alright, so down he went, but I wasn't going to let that spoil my lunch. I ate happily until I glanced over to see what he was up to. Apparently when I put him down, he crawled straight over to a pile of shoes, picked off a big lump of dirt from the sole of my runner, and ate it. Without wincing.

Is my cooking really that bad?


Our second review

Is up!!

Check it out (and support a mama!) here.


I'll let you guess what happened...

(An update to this post)

A) Parenting is totally predictable. Of course you can schedule in an extra hour of sleep on the calendar! And good job stating from the roof tops, for all to hear, that you had a fool proof plan. That was sure smart. 

B) Children are mysterious creatures. He was up at 5:20am sharp, wasn't he?


Giveaway alert!

Want to win some Paypal cash?!!

As a promotion for my friend's new blog site, she's doing a $40 giveaway! Check it out:  http://clothdiapertrader.com/blog/40-usd-paypal-money-giveaway


We're moving

For those of you who resist change, I'm warning you now: We're moving. 

I started to find blogger to be a bit boring so I tried the exciting and new dynamic view... Which apparently sucks because it isn't compatible with some products (such as the iPad) and looses some features that some readers really enjoyed (like spying on our friends). Soooo.... After 5 years with Blogger we've decided to ditch loyalty and head on over to WordPress. It will take us a while to get things set up over there, so I'll continue blogging here in the meantime. I'll be sure to invite y'all on over when we're all settled in.

Have no fear, we'll be taken all the content from here with us, or at least Tom tells me so.


another big debut!!

WOW! I had no idea these would be going live so close together!! But alas, here's the other one:


It's where I've been spending a lot of my writing time as of late, as eluded to in this post.

It's a brand new blog that has been added to one of my favorite sites (clothdiapertrader.com). I've become friends with the mama that runs it and was honoured when asked to write a few entries. Not only am I the premiere post, but the secondaire (is that a word??) as well.

And.. yeah... I couldn't help but notice NONE of you said a peep over on yesterday's big debut :(  Come on, say something! Anything?


Our big debut!

Today's the day! Our first cloth diaper review has been published over at DiaperDeals.ca
Please, please, please go over and say hi... I'd love the support!!  We'll be updating it with a giveaway soon, which will bring the comments, but I feel so lonely over there right now ;)

Also, Jonathan's baby pic made it into a Newborn in Cloth photo challenge. I think he holds his own amongst all those cute babies, don't you?


path of least resistance

Jonathan usually gets up early. Like early. 5:20am to be exact. He wakes because he is one regular boy these days. Yup, he poops at 5:20 (or maybe it's 5:19?) and can no longer sleep. And if mommy comes to change him he figures it's time to SOCIALZE! Alas. It's time to start the day.

A baby that wakes at 5:20 takes early naps and, of course, an early bedtime. 6:30pm to be exact. I've tried putting him to bed later but each time it resulted in an overtired baby who coulnd't fall asleep and a super tired baby the next day when he woke at exactly 5:20am.

Because pushing his bedtime/wake-time hasn't worked, and mommy thinks she should sleep in more than that, I wrote to the leaders of the nations requesting that maybe it be easier to change everyone else's schedule instead of Jonathan's. The leaders obliged. So this Sunday we are to all change our clocks by one hour. This way Johnny can keep his same schedule but instead it will be 6:20am waking, 7:30 bedtime. Another hour of sleep, another hour to spend with daddy after he gets home from work. Life will be grand! 

 I thank you all in advance for being so accommodating. You're such good sports.



There once was a baby who had just turned one. 

His mommy baked a cake, thinking it would be fun. 

But that little baby was a little bit shy...

Until, well, until he gave it a try!

 And then... Oh my, OH MY! 

Happy birthday baby Jonathan!!!


lessons from the first year of being a mom

  • Sleep is optional. No really, you can get by on next to nothing. Just don't expect to be in tip-top shape. Or look it. Or have your home look it. 
  • This too shall pass. And all too quickly, if I may add. 
  • After *finally* getting the baby to sleep, you will miss him. 
  • Don't ever even think "Wow, glad my kid doesn't do that!" Because your kid will. Like, next week. 
  • Never say never. Seriously. 
  • When you think you couldn't possibly love someone more, just wait and see how you feel tomorrow. 
  • Days can be looooooong, but the year is so short. 


Haapy Birthday Jonathan!!

As of 11:16 this morning, you will be exactly 1 year old.
We love you more than words can explain.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy...