Christmas Wish List

Upon request ;)

Ideas for moi:
  • David's Tea is all the rage. I love this mug, and to have a go at loose leaf teas like all the cool kids do. 

Found here. 

  • While you're there visiting that ^ link, know that a David's measuring spoon, tea collections (such as this one), or a gift card for funky teas would be much appreciated :) 
  • Boot socks (like the 80s!). They're $12 from Payless shoes. Grey or black would be fab. 
  • Flavoured syrup for cappuccinos. Vanilla and or cameral would be a dream. So would flavoured large granular sugar toppings (all of these are on sale right now at Winners ;) 
  • A new toaster. I know, I know. I'm a grown woman, I should just go buy a toaster. Well you see, I can't. Because ours still works. Most of the time. I dream of a toaster that can handle thinker, larger slices of bread without causing a fire hazard... That's about all the criteria I have for that one. 
In a nutshell, I love coffee, tea, and beverage accessories! Anything kitchen related (including spice mixes, cook books, etc) would be quite welcomed. I don't need anything, but for those who are going to purchase anyways, my indulgence is Starbucks. A SB giftcard for guilt-free treats would be awesome.

Ideas for Jonathan:
  • Clothes are always more than welcome. He's wearing 18-24 months now and will be fitting into 24months or even 2T soon enough. 
  • Melissa and Doug have pretty awesome toys. He went fishing at a friends' house the other day and was hooked 
This is just an example. Any of their toys would be fabulous.
And rumour has is that winners often has lots of Melissa and Doug toys. 
  • His (*cough* our *cough*) favorite children's author is Sandra Boynton. Jonathan loves books! Also, rumour has it there's a music CD of Boynton stories and songs.
  • A second car seat for Manitoba. I know, that's a big one. But hey, what are 'wishlists' for, right? It's really hard on the car seat to be lugged back and forth each trip and considering he's at an age that one could now last him for the next few years, it's a good idea to have one that just stays in Manitoba. 
  • Stolenz boots and mits. He outgrew last year's and we really miss them!! 
  • A kid's apron. He's all about 'helping' mommy in the kitchen. I think he needs a tiny manly apron to match his awesome attitude. 
In a nutshell, Jonathan is all about construction 'diggers', trucks, monkeys, and dogs these days. Also, if it has the ability (or at least the potential) to tow something, he's floored. So if you can find a digger that's shaped as a monkey towing a truck with a dog inside... You'll have a new best friend.

Ideas for Tom... 


Honey? I think you need to work on your list.