It's gittin' warm in here!

We live on the top floor of an apartment building, and although the whole heat-rising phenonemon was a fantastic bonus in the winter (especially because we pay for heat), I think this is going to work against us in the summer.

The windows in both the bedroom and office face the east. Although the oven-sensation helps with getting up in the morning, it doesn't help with staying awake while working during the day. And, did I mention its only 23 degrees outside?

I'm going to go get more coffee.


Big man, little BBQ

Put together, they make an awesome burger. 


What a Woman!

To maintain confidentiality, and to get around asking if I can publish this, the name of the subject of this post has been changed.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Grace.  Before yesterday, I didn't really know her that well, all I really knew is that she is that she is Christian, a mother, a wife, and a kind, soft-spoken individuals. Also, that she is an amazing cook. Who won't share her recipes. 

I asked her if she would like to hang out sometime.  I was kinda looking for a strong Christian woman (wife) to spend time with and learn from.  So I asked this lovely lady if we could do something girly sometime. (I figured we would at least have that in common, considering I am far from soft-spoken amazing cook.) And we did, which brings us back to yesterday. 

These are a few things I learned, and maybe wasn't exactly expecting:
- She grew up in Ghana.
- She moved to England in her late teenage years.
- She completed a degree in Civil Engineering from Oxford University. 
- Got married and had a baby
- She headed back to school and started a masters in Structural Civil Engineering, but then became interested in law...
- She started a masters degree in secretarial law, and finished it. 
- Had another baby.
- Raised 2 children whiled married and working
- Had a third baby, then moved her family to Montreal a few months later for her husband's career.
- Set up a beautiful home, established her kids in a new continent, supported her husband at his job.
- Now that everyone is settled, she is studying for an entrance exam to McGill's MBA program. 
- All this while she has been a strong Christian women
- And, she knows of a fantastic place to get a pedicure. 

Ok, has anyone read Proverbs 31 lately?
Yes, lots to learn. I think another pedicure is in our future. Or maybe skydiving, who knows. 


Thelmo and Louis

Well, originally they were "Thelma and Louise", but after taking a closer look once we got home, we had to rename them "Thelmo and Louis". These two tykes do a lot together...

They fax things together...

They study Spanish together...

They take naps together...

Oh, heck, they even yawn together!!!!



No, your eyes do not deceive you...

That's me, changing the tires. 


Pepé Le Pew, Date Killer

SO... You're on a date with your best girl, and you sit down at a park bench overlooking the water. You share a romantic moment, with some Reese's Pieces and a 2 litre of Diet Pepsi to put it over the top.

The nosey raccoon that is walking along the shoreline gives you a wide berth, no worries. But, a couple of minutes later, you turn your head to see a skunk, 15 feet away, with its tail straight up!

"Okay, Pepé, you win... It's your bench... Here, have my Reese's!" And the date ends with you both high-tailing it outta there...