there's probably a dead body in there

Our house has a crawl space under the den (which is behind the garage). It's been boarded up by the previous owner. Not sealed, like to keep rodents out or anything, but boarded up with wood and nails.

We've never looked in there.

The previous owners were initially a family, but after the kids left home the parents divorced. According to the neighbour, the wife quickly remained and moved away, never saw her again. So it was just the husband that was in the house, for years and years (which explains why the place is sound functionally, but terribly outdated aesthetically).

 So, back to the crawl space.

 Why is it boarded up like that?

Tom was convinced the wife was actually in there, but we've never had the guts to check. That is, until the other night. We thought we'd be smart about it, and pry back the wood just far enough to stick a camera inside so we can get a view without having to remove the entire thing.

This is what we saw on the camera display.

What do you see?


Tiffany said...

Looks like the Blair Witch basement.

Sonya said...

That's just creepy!