the social hangover

There's a phenomena that occurs in our family after traveling. We call it a social hangover. From what I've observed, in the history of us, is that it's the fallout from social overdrive. The intensity of living with others, continual visiting, frequent embraces, intimate conversations, good meals, and great company. The laughter, the tears, the connection with others.

Then you arrive back home.

And there is silence. There are menial tasks to complete. And there is life to get into the swing of. And it feels like swimming against a current. The social hangover is a pit in your stomach, reminding you that they who are there are not here. And they who are there will be older when you see them again. Which reminds you that you will be too. And you will have missed all that had happened in between. The details of life, outcomes of prayer requests, and decisions to be made... You probably won't hear the outcomes.

In the healing from the hangover there is minimal conversation. Silence allows for digestion and reflection. And this hush collides with friends excited about your return... But that pit in your stomach only grows because you realize you missed the details of life happening here while you were there. And with so many places you call home you realize you are always missing somewhere. Friends want to swing by, have coffee, hear how you've been. But you have this social hangover and just need to rest. Your heart hurts and in a twist of logic, you don't want to connect to anyone right now. So you fill your time. Paint a room. And slowly get back into the swing of life in where ever you happen to be.

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